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  • Image for Bringing Justice to Farmingdale with a Mock Trial.

    Bringing Justice to Farmingdale with a Mock Trial

    By Hillary Garcia From investigating the crime scene to analyzing the evidence, Dr. David Byrne’s Criminalistics students prepared to present their case to a jury. Having the unique opportunity to use their knowledge from class, the criminalistics students were given the tools they needed to convince a jury that their suspect was guilty. Being split […]

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  • Image for CSI: Farmingdale.

    CSI: Farmingdale

    On Tuesday, November 06, 2018, Dr. David Byrne and the CRJ 201 Criminalistics students began their investigation on their Mock Crime Scene. Every semester the School of Arts & Criminal Justice Program presents a unique opportunity for its CRJ 201 Criminalistics students to use the knowledge they’ve obtained in class and put it to the […]

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  • Image for Farmingdale Women’s Basketball: New Beginnings.

    Farmingdale Women’s Basketball: New Beginnings

    November November Are you guys ready for the new season? First Game: November 15, 2018 COME BE LOUD AND PROUD Farmingdale Women’s basketball season is almost here. The women’s team has been working out since October. Although they have lost three of their main scorers, they have gained many other players who can play intense […]

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  • Image for Fantasy Football Weeks 8 and 9.

    Fantasy Football Weeks 8 and 9

    By Antonio Petito Week 8 With week eight over and done with, here are your top five performers from week eight in the NFL. These fantasy points are based off of DraftKings. The highest scorer from week 8 is Houston Texans wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins. The number one wide receiver went crazy against the Legion […]

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  • Image for Fantasy Football Weeks 3 and 4.

    Fantasy Football Weeks 3 and 4

    Review by Antonio Petito Week 3 What an incredible week three it was from the NFL. There were some spectacular games this week. Not only were the actual games great to watch, but also the fantasy production from certain players was amazing to see. According to DraftKings, the top five performers from week three were […]

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  • Image for Disney Magic Takes Broadway.

    Disney Magic Takes Broadway

    Everybody knows the iconic Disney film Frozen, but not like this. The St. James Theater in New York City opened its doors on March 22nd, 2018, to over a thousand Frozen fanatics. The show was an instant hit, earning $1.3 billion. The critics called it “joyous and triumphant!” Shows have been selling out multiple nights […]

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  • Image for “The Haunting of Hill House”: Let’s Talk About It.

    “The Haunting of Hill House”: Let’s Talk About It

    One of Netflix’s most recent releases, Shirley Jackson’s “The Haunting of Hill House,” is a ten episode long horror series. At first glance, it seems generic. We’ve all seen the “family in turmoil amidst a ghost haunting” story. But we haven’t seen it like this for a while. The visuals? Stunning. The dialogue? Well written. […]

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  • Image for Halloween – 2018.

    Halloween – 2018

    On Friday, October 19th, the new Halloween movie was released. I expected the film to be a remake of the original film (1978), but it is a direct continuation. Jamie Lee Curtis, one of the original actresses from the 1978 film, starred once again as Laurie Strode, but many years later. The movie takes place […]

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  • Image for Wyandanch Growing Pains: What Matters Most?.

    Wyandanch Growing Pains: What Matters Most?

    There were times when I decided to miss the school bus on purpose after exhausting days during my junior and senior years in high school. Walks home often cleared my mind of negative thoughts, no matter how dangerous walking alone was emphasized in my town of Wyandanch or or “the Danch” as it’s often informally […]

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  • Image for Kill Your Local Safe Space.

    Kill Your Local Safe Space

    Kill Your Local Safe Space Erosion of free speech and tolerance toward hatred – as long as it is out of sight and mind. By Tom Dascole While not as prominent as they have been in recent years, safe spaces, or designated areas deemed free of hate speech, “triggers”, and conflict have swept the nation. […]

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  • Image for Fetty Wap To Perform at Farmingdale’s Nold Hall Athletic Complex on Friday.

    Fetty Wap To Perform at Farmingdale’s Nold Hall Athletic Complex on Friday

    FETTY WAP will be performing this Friday, April 27th at 8pm in the Nold Hall Athletic Complex. 3oh!3 and Demo Taped will open for Fetty Wap. Space is limited. Student tickets are $5 and guest tickets are $15. For more information about the concert, please visit RamCentral https://orgsync.com/home/800

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  • Image for Introducing the Nexus Center, Farmingdale’s catalyst for applied learning..

    Introducing the Nexus Center, Farmingdale’s catalyst for applied learning.

    Are you worried about landing an internship in your field or finding a job upon graduation? Well, do something about it. Go to the newly opened Nexus Center in the Greenley Library building for help with everything from finding out what career path is right for you to getting help circulating your resume to potential […]

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  • Image for Refueled and Reimagined.

    Refueled and Reimagined

    The Grand Re-opening of Books ‘N Beans Tom Dascole On Thursday, the campus celebrated the grand re-opening of Books ‘N Beans, the café across from Greenly Library. The event was kicked off with free Starbucks coffee as well as free samples of Core Power, a high protein milk shake. The renovated Books ‘N Beans features […]

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  • Image for Flexible Systems – Apprentice Help Desk Engineer.

    Flexible Systems – Apprentice Help Desk Engineer

    Flexible Systems is the Leading Full-Service Technology Company on Long Island. We provide a hassle-free technology experience to our clients.  We are growing rapidly and are seeking new talent to join our team, we are offering Internships and Full-Time Employment. We are currently seeking an Apprentice Help Desk Engineer to join our team, please see […]

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