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Monthly Archives: August 2023

  • Image for Club Spotlight : Ram Nation Radio.

    Club Spotlight : Ram Nation Radio

        Have you ever envisioned yourself hosting your own podcast? Would you like to play all your favorite tunes on a radio station? If you hold a leadership position on campus, would you like to promote your event and/or club? Were you even aware of the fact we have a station on campus? Indeed, we […]

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  • Image for Upcoming Events- Week 1.

    Upcoming Events- Week 1

    With the fall semester beginning also comes lots of new and exciting events hosted on campus for students by Office of Student Activities.   On Monday August 28, 2023 Donuts & Direction (RamCentral Link) Time: 9:00am to 2:00pm Location: Campus Center Lawn Intralmural Registration Opens @9am Hosted by Campus Recreation www.imleagues.com Movie On The Lawn  […]

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  • Image for Club Spotlight : NAACP.

    Club Spotlight : NAACP

    About NAACP:     This year for the Farmingdale chapter, I’m looking forward to planning events that are oriented around giving back, gaining wisdom, and making our students (especially our POC colleagues on campus) feel welcomed, appreciated, and motivated to participate in civic engagement and fun! Our board members are solid and passionate about the plans […]

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  • Image for Club Spotlight : Backstage Theatre Company.

    Club Spotlight : Backstage Theatre Company

        My name is Olivia Butler, and I am the President of the Backstage Theatre Company. I would describe the Backstage Theatre Company as a big collective effort of extremely bright, talented, and hardworking students. Every member plays a niche role that all come together for amazing productions. We do our best to include […]

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  • Image for Club Spotlight : Art & Design Club.

    Club Spotlight : Art & Design Club

      The Art & Design club is a place where college students can relieve some stress that they may be having during the semester. We want anyone and everyone to come to our meetings/events to relieve stress and just relax without worrying about deadlines, whether it be for an hour or two! You don’t have […]

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  • Image for Why You Should Attend Gov Ball.

    Why You Should Attend Gov Ball

        Do you love daydreaming to music? Is your music palate broad? Do you enjoy socializing? Do you like “cleaning up nice”? If so, you should definitely attend music festivals! Specifically, the Governor’s Ball!   Currently, the Governor’s Ball is the only music festival hosted in New York City. Dubbed Gov Ball, the festival […]

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  • Image for This is Socially Unacceptable.

    This is Socially Unacceptable

      We reside in a nation where the majority of citizens fortunately attend college. In America, we witness college culture be glamorized on our movie screens; from girls who slap tons of makeup across their faces and dress provocatively, to guys who are insanely buff and invested in sports and getting intoxicated. Unfortunately, we also […]

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  • Image for Is the NCAA a too Paternalistic Governing Body to Athletes?.

    Is the NCAA a too Paternalistic Governing Body to Athletes?

      The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) oversees competitions and athletic related endeavors of thousands of colleges and universities in the United States and Canada. The organization requires athletes to fill out myriads of forms prior to competition, and occasionally prior to attending formal practice. Some of the questions asked of athletes are: Do they […]

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