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Monthly Archives: April 2022

  • Image for “White Rabbit” by Esther Joy Sherry.

    “White Rabbit” by Esther Joy Sherry

      In the white clouds, I will look for you to see  the lifetime and cycles you passed by for me to be.    White rabbit, white rabbit, it’s the first of January.  What do you have for me today?  I know not much, but what my grandmother would say.  I honor the way you […]

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  • Image for Road To Disability Inclusion.

    Road To Disability Inclusion

      According to Accessible Dispatch, the top three colleges in New York State that advocate and accommodate students with disabilities are two SUNY universities, Cortland and Empire State college and a private institution, Hofstra University.  They also include other SUNY schools on their website, but what’s alarming is that our campus was not listed. Therefore, […]

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  • Image for 2022 New York Opening Day Preview.

    2022 New York Opening Day Preview

    As the 2022 baseball season approaches its first pitch, all 30 teams are preparing for the grind that comes with a new year and the excitement of starting with a clean slate. While some teams have higher expectations than others, it’s clear that both the Mets and Yankees have one goal in mind; bringing a […]

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  • Image for “Admiration” by Isaiah Hilman-Smalls.

    “Admiration” by Isaiah Hilman-Smalls

    I admired. The way her hair flowed like the river.   I admired. The way looking into her eyes made me shiver.   Reaching out to someone’s heart in hopes of healing my own. Believing that in someone’s world I could build a new home.   Lost in thought trying to say goodbye to an […]

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