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Monthly Archives: July 2022

  • Image for Terry Crews: A Perspective of Redemption.

    Terry Crews: A Perspective of Redemption

    All eyes were locked on Terry Crews as he spoke from his heart, recalling his childhood and upbringing to an auditorium full of college students. In his story, a message hung in the air that got clearer with every word he spoke. Redemption is available to everyone as long as effort is put in to […]

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  • Image for My Unseen Benefits of the Pandemic.

    My Unseen Benefits of the Pandemic

    I was not enrolled in classes at Farmingdale when the pandemic broke out. I was taking a break from school to focus on my mental health because at that time having a full course load was not possible for me. I did not know what to think when schools were being closed and lockdown started. […]

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  • Image for My Farmingdale Reflection.

    My Farmingdale Reflection

      As my first year here at Farmingdale has come to an end, I can honestly say that I’m so happy and content with my decision to go to school here. Picking a college is never easy but the deciding factors that ultimately led me to choose Farmingdale are the fact that it’s close to […]

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  • Image for “Welcome to Society” by Shea.

    “Welcome to Society” by Shea

     Welcome to society. Where students are stressed, some band-obsessed, and others are depressed.  Where people give you hate on what you wear and your weight.  Where some laws forbid people from being gay.     Welcome to society. We hope you enjoy your stay. Hopefully, you don’t feel some type of way. They’ll tear you […]

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