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Monthly Archives: September 2019

  • Image for Sigma Delta Tau Continues to Strive.

    Sigma Delta Tau Continues to Strive

    Will they fit in? Will the members like them? Will they find their home? Those questions are common ones that fill girls’ minds interested in joining a sorority with anxiety. Last week the sorority Sigma Delta Tau got to welcome new girls into their family which for many members would likely come with excitement and […]

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  • Image for Why is the “A” Taken Out of STEAM?.

    Why is the “A” Taken Out of STEAM?

    STEM takes out STEAM STEAM stands for science, technology, engineering, art, and math. However, some programs take the “A” from STEM. Why? Many schools believe that art doesn’t have value, but it does. Art is important and helps us improve our creative thinking and along with allowing us to enjoy what we do. Furthermore, we […]

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  • Image for Why is Basketball Important?.

    Why is Basketball Important?

    Why is basketball important? Basketball is important because it can be fun to watch and play, and it keeps players in a healthy condition while also improving their communication skills. Here are some examples of how playing basketball can really change your life. Fun to play and fun to watch — You can play with […]

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  • Image for Call of Duty Modern Warfare Game Review.

    Call of Duty Modern Warfare Game Review

    Over the last 15 years or so, fans have grown used to seeing a new Call of Duty for our consoles every single year. Fans are waiting for this year’s release. Developed by Infinity Ward, according to their website, this new game will be a comeback of what Call of Duty really is. The new […]

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  • Image for Will Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker Surpass the Level of Heath Ledger?.

    Will Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker Surpass the Level of Heath Ledger?

    In 2008, Heath Ledger received the Academy Award for best actor in a supporting role for his defining take on the Batman super-villain, The Joker, in 2008’s “The Dark Knight.” Unfortunately, Ledger passed away that year in January due to an accidental intoxication from prescription drugs. His role as The Joker was one of the […]

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  • Image for Farmingdale Campus Center: The Many Issues We face.

    Farmingdale Campus Center: The Many Issues We face

    The Campus Center is a victim of its own success! When I enter the Campus Center every day I notice how crowded it is. I have to find somewhere to sit before I get food because by the time I get food, all of the seats are taken. One of the risks that I take […]

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  • Image for Back to School with Apple.

    Back to School with Apple

    As we begin our Fall semester, we must have the necessary tools to help us perform to the best of our ability. For those seeking more affordable pricing on the latest technology, Apple is currently offering a Back to School Promotion from now until September 26. For this promotion, higher education students and faculty can […]

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  • Image for Orange Theory: New Fitness Craze.

    Orange Theory: New Fitness Craze

    Orange Theory is a new gym that is popping up everywhere, but what is it all about? The first time I saw an Orange Theory was in California on vacation in 2017. Their popularity is growing, and I decided to check it out for myself last month. The science behind the craze is all about […]

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  • Image for Poetry Reading: “A Beautiful Realization” by The Dale News Poet.

    Poetry Reading: “A Beautiful Realization” by The Dale News Poet

    The Poem: The rain poured and brought down my soul. The pain ripped me apart and my heart was no longer whole. The wind came by to try to explain the story. My mind refused to listen because the moment had lost its glory.   I looked for a sign to tell me that there […]

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  • Image for Mass Shootings in the US.

    Mass Shootings in the US

    Mass shootings are no longer a rare event and are something people are finding themselves afraid of on a daily basis. California, Texas, Ohio and Virginia Beach are just four out of the numerous deadly mass shootings in The United States this year. It has become evident that if action is not taken soon, the […]

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