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  • How to Start a Successful TikTok


    How to Start a Successful TikTok, Written by Cai Sylvester

    Move over Instagram, TikTok is slowly but surely becoming the most popular social media platform. It began in 2016 by a Chinese company called ByteDance, but finally became the most downloaded app in the United States in October 2018. According to Wallaroom media, it is estimated that 800 million people are actively using the app, and it has been downloaded 1.5 billion times worldwide.

    If you grew up in the generation of Vine, which sadly ended in 2017. TikTok is very similar, yet different. You can add effects and music to your short clips now. They can be humorous, informative, fun, and whatever you want them to be. While scrolling through Snapchat news stories, I found that there is a whole group of young kids, some still in high school, that live in a Hype House” (click here for the hype house TikTok account) where all they do is film videos and make money in this house, all day long. These young people are among TikTok’s most famous, rich, and influential.

    To my knowledge, there is also a way to make money from TikTok. It can be a little complicated if you are just starting out, but not impossible. Here are ways you can grow in popularity and try making money as well:

    Making Creative Content

    Come up with a theme. If you do makeup, post tutorials and make sure that’s what you stick to. If you post funny videos, keep people laughing. If you’re a dancer, keep moving.

    Keep Up With Trends

    There are dance challenges people have created, and other users copy. The song “Cannibal” by Ke$ha has a specific dance that everyone has been recreating. “Say So” by Doja Cat has also been a popular song with a specific dance. TikTok sensation Haley Sharpe, “yodelinghaley”, created the original “Say So” dance (click here to watch) and since then she was contacted by Doja Cat to be in the official music video.

    If you cannot dance, there are other challenges, the Flip The Switch challenge (seen here) is currently one of the most popular challenges. All you have to do is grab a friend, turn off the lights, and switch clothes and positions while “Nonstop” by Drake is playing.

    Use Hashtags

    At this point in the history of social media and influencing, this is a no-brainer. Hashtags are needed to attract people who relate to your content. They also help you get to a particular “For You” page on TikTok, which helps you gain visibility.

    Use the Livestream Feature

    Once you’ve racked up views and a following, try out the live feature. Where users can send you virtual coins and you can exchange it for real cash. Some people just sit on live, answering questions and comments from other users. Nothing crazy, unless you wanted to make it more fun.

    Use Your “Theme” to Promote

    Just like Instagram, if you are popular enough, companies are silently noticing and paying people to use their fame to promote products and services. You can be an influencer on TikTok easily.

    While TikTok is still a growing community, it is not too late to get started. Especially if you have a talent and personality, do not let it go to waste. Download the app and get started today!



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