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Monthly Archives: April 2023

  • Image for Walk A Mile in My Shoes.

    Walk A Mile in My Shoes

    Walk A Mile in My Shoes. Past all the city lights, way down into the underground. Away from the clouds and the trees, where your sudden fate is the greatest sight you’ll ever see. Walk A Mile in My Shoes.   I wonder how you’re supposed to make it out when there’s no one else […]

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  • Image for The Keys.

    The Keys

    I look to the keys. Searching for sounds to silence the roaring thoughts on my mind. I look to the keys. Excited to discover answers my starving heart needs to find. Have faith in what honestly soothes your ear. Let go of what leads you astray and keep close all you hold dear. Comfort is […]

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  • Image for Heartbeat Highway.

    Heartbeat Highway

    I have a one way ticket towards achieving my dreams. Focusing on your goals is not as simple as it seems. I will never back down each time I reach a bump in the road. Staying true to who I am and all of the stories I’ve been told. I always survive through the storm […]

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  • Image for The Greenhouse.

    The Greenhouse

    This is the art of ingenuity – how, wrapped in Winter’s stole, this dome of light contains the fire of an August day;    how, row on row, the most unlikely mates  cohabitate — the orchid and the mum,  the sundew and the bashful trillium,    the quince and kiss-me-at-the-garden-gate; and how, if failing to […]

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  • Image for Finest Kind.

    Finest Kind

    Constantly blinded by the city lights. Consistently thriving during those foggy nights. Calling yourself to be the change you wish to see. Contemplating on whether what you love and what you will do are meant to be. Forgiving yourself for poor experiences in the past. Forging a new path as you understand how you’ll survive […]

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  • Image for Expectations for the Rangers Have Never Been Higher.

    Expectations for the Rangers Have Never Been Higher

    “It’s a special place to play. It’s an Original Six franchise. Playing in MSG and you get a reception like that? It’s something I’ll never forget.”  This is what Patrick Kane said when he was asked about his reception from the Madison Square Garden crowd as he skated on the ice for the first time […]

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