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  • Long Island Herald Community Newspapers Internship

    The Long Island Herald Community Newspapers organization is looking for interns to work with the Herald editorial staff on briefs, articles and other reporting projects. Interns can also work with Herald editors and reporters when they cover news conferences and meetings. Interns will get the experience of working in a newsroom and doing the work […]

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  • Image for How to Start a Successful TikTok.

    How to Start a Successful TikTok

    Move over Instagram, TikTok is slowly but surely becoming the most popular social media platform. It began in 2016 by a Chinese company called ByteDance, but finally became the most downloaded app in the United States in October 2018. According to Wallaroom media, it is estimated that 800 million people are actively using the app, […]

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  • Image for Volunteer Opportunity for Michael Weinstock.

    Volunteer Opportunity for Michael Weinstock

    Michael Weinstock is currently running for Congress against incumbent, Thomas Suozzi. Despite this incredible opportunity, Weinstock grew up homeless which was a formative experience that informs his ideas on making education affordable in the United States. Specifically, Weinstock believes that there should be more programs in which the government reduces or forgives student loans if […]

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  • Image for Why You Should Join The Dale News!.

    Why You Should Join The Dale News!

    Are you wandering around campus bored? Is it taking longer than you hoped it would to make friends this semester? Come join The Dale News! You’re probably wondering why you would want to join a club where you have to write boring old articles… The good news is that here at The Dale News you […]

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  • Image for The Dale News Job Search Inauguration.

    The Dale News Job Search Inauguration

    Message to our viewers Hello everyone and welcome to The Dale News Job Search Inauguration! This program was created to help students find the jobs and internships that they need to help them start working on their careers. Farmingdale State College offers a lot of academic programs that students are excited to major in, and […]

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  • Image for Thebalancecareers.com, A Job Hunting Sanctuary.

    Thebalancecareers.com, A Job Hunting Sanctuary

    What is The Balance Careers? The Balance Careers is a website that helps its viewers find their desired career. The skills that you have and the skills that are needed for your chosen career can be found on this site followed by information on why they are important. The goal of The Balance Careers is […]

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  • Image for Employment Opportunity: Flexible Systems – Apprentice Help Desk Engineer.

    Employment Opportunity: Flexible Systems – Apprentice Help Desk Engineer

    Flexible Systems is the Leading Full-Service Technology Company on Long Island. We provide a hassle-free technology experience to our clients.  We are growing rapidly and are seeking new talent to join our team, we are offering Internships and Full-Time Employment. We are currently seeking an Apprentice Help Desk Engineer to join our team, please see […]

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