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Health & Wellness

  • Image for Transition Story.

    Transition Story

    TRIGGER WARNING ⚠️ At age 13, I knew that I wasn’t a girl. I felt like I was forcing myself to wear makeup, dresses, and high heels. I felt like I was playing dress-up all the time for everyone, including myself. I knew something wasn’t right, and I felt out of place. In my senior […]

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  • Image for The Online Disconnect.

    The Online Disconnect

    The online campus for college students refers to the use of social media to stay connected during the pandemic. Online formats such as Instagram, Discord, and group chats such as Loopchat have been used to keep students connected online. Students at Farmingdale State College found it harder to stay connected due to the lack of […]

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  • Image for SAD for A Season.

    SAD for A Season

    Seasonal Depression (Seasonal Affective Disorder) Seasonal Depression, also called Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), is a type of depression. It’s triggered by the change of seasons and most commonly begins in late Fall. Symptoms include feelings of sadness, lack of energy, loss of interest in usual activities, oversleeping and weight gain. Treatments include light therapy, talk […]

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  • Image for Omicron’s Infectivity: A Deep Dive into the Enduring Dangers of COVID-19.

    Omicron’s Infectivity: A Deep Dive into the Enduring Dangers of COVID-19

    The COVID-19 Pandemic has raged on for the better part of two years, changing the way we think and act as a society as we grapple with the crisis. An air of caution now hangs around us as the world heals, with public health mandates continuing to loosen after waves and waves of the virus. […]

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  • Image for Review & Complete the Environmental Stability and Social Media Survey!.

    Review & Complete the Environmental Stability and Social Media Survey!

    Esther Joy Sherry has created a survey based on her research on the relationship between Environmental Stability and Social Media. Esther is an Interaction Design, IXD, student at Farmingdale State College and having this survey completed will help her answer her senior project question, “How can we use Web 3 to create social systems to […]

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  • Image for An Introduction to the Save Soil Movement!.

    An Introduction to the Save Soil Movement!

    Humanity will face one of the greatest future crises we will ever endure. The Extinction of Soil. As the world population rapidly increases, the demands for food naturally increase as well. The high demand for food has influenced unsustainable agricultural practices from around the world that are ripping the soil and planting crops without giving […]

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  • Image for Covid-19’s Impact on Education.

    Covid-19’s Impact on Education

    The Infamous COVID-19 Pandemic: A catastrophic time of our lives that we will now carry with us forever. As society got tossed into the unknown, playful memes flooded the internet and the virus was ultimately deemed as a joke. We have all seen them; and now we know not to eat the “bat soup.” Little […]

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  • Image for FSC’s Spring 2022 Covid Protocol.

    FSC’s Spring 2022 Covid Protocol

    Farmingdale State College has been remarkably successful in dealing with the ongoing public health crisis. We continue to ask for your cooperation to safely proceed with a more normal and extensive campus experience. COVID-19 vaccine booster shots and regular testing are effective ways to contain Coronavirus transmission and protect your fellow students. Please review the […]

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  • Image for FSC’s Indoor Masking Mandate Still in Effect.

    FSC’s Indoor Masking Mandate Still in Effect

    To the Campus Community: The State University of New York directed its campuses to continue with the indoor masking mandate. Therefore, FSC will adhere to the current policy of requiring masks in all indoor settings until further notice. SUNY and its campuses will continue to review compliance with vaccination and testing while monitoring COVID positivity […]

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  • Image for Take this Health and Wellness Survey Sponsored by SUNY Farmingdale & SUNY Buffalo!.

    Take this Health and Wellness Survey Sponsored by SUNY Farmingdale & SUNY Buffalo!

    Health and Wellness wants to hear from you! If you have already completed this interview, thank you. If you have not, we still would like to hear from you. Take a confidential, 15-minute online survey: http://www.buffalo.edu/cria/nyssurveyfarmingdale Please note: Although this is a Farmingdale survey, it is being conducted through the University of Buffalo under the […]

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