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Monthly Archives: November 2017

  • Image for Lobo Comic Review.

    Lobo Comic Review

    By Ciara Rodriguez “Lobo” appears to be just another inter-galactic mess with a twisted back-story, another wanna be Star-Trek/Star Wars clone. But surprisingly, it evolves into something more original than that. Our main character is an assassin with a very complicated past. He is a bodyguard for his home planet’s royal family and the lover […]

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  • Image for Fantasy Football Weeks 3 and 4.

    Fantasy Football Weeks 3 and 4

    Review by Antonio Petito Week 3 What an incredible week three it was from the NFL. There were some spectacular games this week. Not only were the actual games great to watch, but also the fantasy production from certain players was amazing to see. According to DraftKings, the top five performers from week three were […]

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