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Monthly Archives: March 2022

  • Image for Mock Interviews lead to Real Life Success.

    Mock Interviews lead to Real Life Success

    Students in Professor Jeaniffere Vila’s EGL 310 Technical Writing class conducted mock interviews in preparation for hitting the job market. Professor Vila reports that numerous students have landed jobs based on the research they do for this assignment and the skills they develop. From Left to Right: Zabala, Emerson J (Second Semester Junior/Electrical Engineering Tech, […]

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  • Image for Covid-19’s Impact on Education.

    Covid-19’s Impact on Education

    The Infamous COVID-19 Pandemic: A catastrophic time of our lives that we will now carry with us forever. As society got tossed into the unknown, playful memes flooded the internet and the virus was ultimately deemed as a joke. We have all seen them; and now we know not to eat the “bat soup.” Little […]

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  • Image for Run for Office in the Student Government Association Executive Board Elections!.

    Run for Office in the Student Government Association Executive Board Elections!

    The Student Government Association of Farmingdale State College is having elections for their Executive Board Positions. The positions are President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary. Read more information below about the elections that was provided by Alicia Femoyer from The Herd.   Candidates must meet the following requirements: Completed at least one semester at FSC, Have […]

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