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Monthly Archives: February 2020

  • Image for Dale News ARRIVAL Set for Tuesday, February 25th!!!.

    Dale News ARRIVAL Set for Tuesday, February 25th!!!

    Three years in the making and a passionate heart for the taking!!! The first official meeting, Dale News ARRIVAL, will take place this Tuesday on February 25th on the second floor of Knapp Hall in the Large Conference Room. Hope you can make it. If not, we’ll see you soon…   And be sure to […]

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  • Image for “A Heart’s Spirit” by Isaiah Hilman-Smalls.

    “A Heart’s Spirit” by Isaiah Hilman-Smalls

    He never knew what real love could be. Every time he looked in the mirror, there was a reflection that he couldn’t see.   Felt like his heart lost the urge to beat, and when he walked he couldn’t even feel the ground beneath his feet.   Thought he would forever be lost and that […]

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  • Image for “Checkmate” by Gregory D. Francis Jr..

    “Checkmate” by Gregory D. Francis Jr.

    The playing field was level, the two masterminds shared the floor. One, two, the men scaled the tile. Blood ready to be shed.   Clear to advance, the fighters zagged to freedom. Dying in pride, as the darkness claimed the floor.   The Elegant Queen was not so elegant anymore. Once beautiful and soft, now […]

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  • Image for A Review of “Little Women” by Jake Maddia.

    A Review of “Little Women” by Jake Maddia

    Little Women is directed by Greta Gerwig; and stars Saoirse Ronan, Florence Pugh, Emma Watson, Eliza Scanlen, Timothee Chalamet, Meryl Streep, Laura Dern, Tracy Letts, Chris Cooper, and Bob Odenkirk. The movie is an adaptation to Louisa May Alcott’s famous novel, and it tells the story of four sisters who are coming of age during […]

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  • Image for “Seeded Tree” by Esther Joy Sherry.

    “Seeded Tree” by Esther Joy Sherry

    There was a seed that dropped from a tree. Much bigger than me. Much wiser than me. Yet it dropped it’s seed  for me to see.   Along the tree  lived a squirrel. With its bushy tail it led a seed trail.   The seed sat in the ground  and waited a while… Sitting under […]

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  • Image for Shak Faizy’s Official “Checks” Music Video Is Out Now!!!.

    Shak Faizy’s Official “Checks” Music Video Is Out Now!!!

    The official music video for Shak Faizy’s song “Checks” is finally out on YouTube! This song provides listeners with a vibe that is unmatched and highly magnetic. This video is just the first of many successful creations to come. We look forward to seeing the progress that Shak Faizy will achieve in the future! You […]

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  • Image for An Introduction to The Discourse Club!.

    An Introduction to The Discourse Club!

    The Discourse Club is a huge vision for Farmingdale to bring conversation to the table! Too many times we rely on our social media to speak about social and political stances or certain issues that are challenging our society as a whole, but we wanted to bring those conversations to reality. We created The Discourse […]

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  • Image for “I Will Conquer The Wind” by Jennifer Mann.

    “I Will Conquer The Wind” by Jennifer Mann

    It was a dark and stormy night. The candle kept swaying its light. Cold, I lie in my empty cabin home. Hear the thunder, my body turns to stone.   The wind began to whistle, then howl. Then I smelled wet wood that was fowl. Turned to find the front door was unlocked. Closed the […]

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  • Image for “Take Me to FSC” by Isaiah Hilman-Smalls.

    “Take Me to FSC” by Isaiah Hilman-Smalls

    Take me to where a student’s creativity can roam free. Take me to where a student can become anything they want to be. Show me how a professor can teach me more than a lesson. Show me how one’s true understanding can lead to a heart’s confession. Find me where the spirits of the youth […]

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  • Image for Professors That Shine!.

    Professors That Shine!

    Recently, it has come to light that as students we often tackle the day to day problems of being college students who possibly have jobs on the side. Along with our busy schedules, we often have to deal with professors who we may not like. I have noticed many of my peers complaining about difficult […]

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