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  • Image for Review & Complete the Environmental Stability and Social Media Survey!.

    Review & Complete the Environmental Stability and Social Media Survey!

    Esther Joy Sherry has created a survey based on her research on the relationship between Environmental Stability and Social Media. Esther is an Interaction Design, IXD, student at Farmingdale State College and having this survey completed will help her answer her senior project question, “How can we use Web 3 to create social systems to […]

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  • Image for How Covid Shifted My Perspective.

    How Covid Shifted My Perspective

    The Pandemic changed the world in more ways than we thought was possible. It affected everyone differently, and made most people recognize the things that they took for granted. The experience of learning in a classroom environment was never something I thought I’d miss until it was temporarily taken away from me and education was […]

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  • Image for An Introduction to the Save Soil Movement!.

    An Introduction to the Save Soil Movement!

    Humanity will face one of the greatest future crises we will ever endure. The Extinction of Soil. As the world population rapidly increases, the demands for food naturally increase as well. The high demand for food has influenced unsustainable agricultural practices from around the world that are ripping the soil and planting crops without giving […]

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  • Image for My Unseen Benefits of the Pandemic.

    My Unseen Benefits of the Pandemic

    I was not enrolled in classes at Farmingdale when the pandemic broke out. I was taking a break from school to focus on my mental health because at that time having a full course load was not possible for me. I did not know what to think when schools were being closed and lockdown started. […]

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  • Image for My Farmingdale Reflection.

    My Farmingdale Reflection

      As my first year here at Farmingdale has come to an end, I can honestly say that I’m so happy and content with my decision to go to school here. Picking a college is never easy but the deciding factors that ultimately led me to choose Farmingdale are the fact that it’s close to […]

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  • Image for “Welcome to Society” by Shea.

    “Welcome to Society” by Shea

     Welcome to society. Where students are stressed, some band-obsessed, and others are depressed.  Where people give you hate on what you wear and your weight.  Where some laws forbid people from being gay.     Welcome to society. We hope you enjoy your stay. Hopefully, you don’t feel some type of way. They’ll tear you […]

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  • Image for Covid-19’s Impact on Education.

    Covid-19’s Impact on Education

    The Infamous COVID-19 Pandemic: A catastrophic time of our lives that we will now carry with us forever. As society got tossed into the unknown, playful memes flooded the internet and the virus was ultimately deemed as a joke. We have all seen them; and now we know not to eat the “bat soup.” Little […]

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  • Image for “Lost in Unison” by Abbey-Rose Salvemini.

    “Lost in Unison” by Abbey-Rose Salvemini

    There is a very strong stigma amongst teenagers that we are young and dumb so much so that pop singer Khalid, released a song called “Young Dumb & Broke.”  The song bursted with popularity and I can certainly attest to the lyrics being true.  Although we teenagers would love to be autonomous individuals, we are […]

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  • Image for Destination: Take a Break at Gantry Plaza State Park.

    Destination: Take a Break at Gantry Plaza State Park

    As I drive my car down the road, it moves towards the apex of a hill. Not a grassy hill, but a hill of black and white striped lines. Other cars surround me, but not enough to make my route guideline on my GPS go red for heavy traffic. Not that I need that GPS […]

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  • Image for Travis Scott: Who is to Blame for Concert Violence?.

    Travis Scott: Who is to Blame for Concert Violence?

    I made my way towards the front, but not too close because I know how crazy it gets up there from experience. I found my place and waited for the show to begin. Just a week before the Astroworld Festival in Houston, Texas, where 10 people were killed, I attended a Travis Scott concert at […]

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