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Monthly Archives: March 2020

  • Image for “I Want” by Isaiah Hilman-Smalls.

    “I Want” by Isaiah Hilman-Smalls

    I’ll walk into the fight ready to win. Ready to overcome all obstacles in order to get what I want. “What do you want?”, they ask. I want the ability to be myself whenever and wherever, and not have to apologize for it. I want to live in a world where everyone can be accepted […]

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  • Image for Our Distance Learning Declaration.

    Our Distance Learning Declaration

    To all Farmingdale State College students, staff, and faculty:   Tomorrow we go back to work. Not in the way we had hoped by being on campus and feeling the energy of the classroom. We go back to work through distance learning where we will have to face the challenges that come with trying to […]

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  • Image for Fear and Confusion Amongst Farmingdale State College Students.

    Fear and Confusion Amongst Farmingdale State College Students

    Unless you live under a rock, it has been evident that the Corona Virus is causing an insane amount of fear among most citizens. We have all heard by now that face to face classes have been suspended for the rest of the semester and will presume online after Spring Break. Is this necessary? How […]

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  • Image for Dale News Social Media Announcement.

    Dale News Social Media Announcement

    Hello Everyone, Miss Corona has given us all something to think about as our perspectives have changed in terms of what is most important in our lives right now. Our lifestyles are being forced to change and that can be very stressful in many ways. It can be hard to deal with how you’re feeling […]

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  • Image for Future of the Houston Astros.

    Future of the Houston Astros

    What happens from here? That seems to be the question baseball fans everywhere are asking as news broke recently of the Houston Astros sign-stealing scandal. If you haven’t heard already, somehow with how fast and prominent this news has come out, the Astros were caught stealing signs from other teams en route to their 2017 […]

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  • Image for How to Start a Successful TikTok.

    How to Start a Successful TikTok

    Move over Instagram, TikTok is slowly but surely becoming the most popular social media platform. It began in 2016 by a Chinese company called ByteDance, but finally became the most downloaded app in the United States in October 2018. According to Wallaroom media, it is estimated that 800 million people are actively using the app, […]

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  • Image for “My Dearest Corona”: A Message from The Dale News Team.

    “My Dearest Corona”: A Message from The Dale News Team

    The Dale News would like to thank Miss Corona for all she has done to try to stop us from living our lives. We live in a world where adversity is what we constantly have to overcome in order to achieve success. Miss Corona has made quite the effort to prevent us from making any […]

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  • Image for FSC Corona Virus Update: March 16, 2020.

    FSC Corona Virus Update: March 16, 2020

    Hello Everyone,   Farmingdale State College has extended our Spring Break for another week. This means that distance learning will begin on Monday, March 30. Take this extra time to catch up on some school work you may have missed, or to prepare for future assignments. Remember to not panic or get too stressed out. […]

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  • Image for “Lost” by Isaiah Hilman-Smalls.

    “Lost” by Isaiah Hilman-Smalls

    Lost in thought. Forgetting all that I was supposed to do.   Lost in memory. Losing all the hopes and dreams I had for you.   Lost in trust. No longer believing in the ability to do better.   Lost in passion. Watching my tears drop as my heart breaks while I write you a […]

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  • Image for Dale News Motive: Freedom of Expression.

    Dale News Motive: Freedom of Expression

    As a team, we have given everyone the chance to freely express themselves. What you represent should not define who you become and there are plenty of misconceptions that prevent us from getting where we need to be. In order to make the necessary changes that you have constantly been begging for, you need to […]

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