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Monthly Archives: September 2021

  • Image for ‘The Midnight Library’ Book Review.

    ‘The Midnight Library’ Book Review

    Matt Haig’s New York Times bestselling novel “The Midnight Library,” reached me at an opportune time. I found this rather fitting because the main protagonist, Nora, must grapple with her choices and the squandering of potential. This can be chalked up to timing as much as it can be to her frame of mind. Excitement […]

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  • Image for The World Wide Silicon Shortage.

    The World Wide Silicon Shortage

    The World Wide Silicon Shortage We were no strangers to production shortages in 2020. From toilet paper to groceries, Covid-19 has changed both the consumer and production landscapes. While most of us can relate to the shortages of these everyday items, there’s one industry that has been suffering just out of view for months. The […]

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  • Image for Student/Faculty Journal Seeking Writers.

    Student/Faculty Journal Seeking Writers

        Thanks for reading! Please check out the information below and have a great day! Feel free to reach out to us at dalenewsfsc@gmail.com Dale News Mobile Links == https://linktr.ee/fsc_dalenews   Farmingdale State College Mobile Links == https://linktr.ee/farmsocialmedia   “In Passion We Trust.”

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