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  • “AirPods” by Apple


    On September 7th, 2016, an innovative product made its debut. The type of earbuds everyone yearned for, but believed weren’t feasible. In only a matter of seconds “AirPods,” created by Apple, had society wrapped around its finger. In sleek, minimalistic packaging, the AirPods are covered in a square-shaped white, hard case. One can easily open the case without a hassle. The lowermost side of the case has a charger port where you can insert any edition of Apple chargers that are compatible with the case.

    The item also has the two AirPods located inside the case. They come in sleek, minimalistic white covering. If you leave your AirPods outside of your case for a prolonged period of time, they will die and not be usable until charged. As previously mentioned, within a fingersnap, AirPods turned into a world-renowned pair of earbuds and forever changed the game by becoming the first ever wireless pair. Best of all, they don’t fall out!

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    Due to its reigning success, Apple continued to release several more “generations” of AirPods (which are essentially revised, and newer versions). They even released the AirPods Pro, which have a cushion on the part of the earbud you insert in your ear, for more efficiency and outside noise-blockage. A little over six years have passed since the revolutionizing release of AirPods, and they’re still on-top of the earbud market. In fact, other phone brands released their own spin on AirPods, and such things exist as counterfeit AirPods.

    The sound quality of all Airpods editions is like no-other. According to an article published by 9To5Mac, Apple themselves have described the buds to “produce a ‘rich consistent bass’ and ‘crisp, clean’ highs.” Yes it might just be Apple spotlighting its product, but I feel their statement is pretty accurate as an Airpods owner myself.

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    Now viewing AirPods from a statistical standpoint; a survey conducted by TowardsDataScience concluded that Generation Z and Millennials are the dominating Airpods users. “60% of people from ages 18-25, and 34% of people of ages 26-35”. The survey also stated that more males own AirPods than females do. The most unique statistic this survey included was who the predominant Airpods owners are; Full-Time College Students!

    To further elaborate, that makes total sense as college students spend double of their time invested in their studies rather than sitting for instruction. It’s nearly impossible for a young person who went straight to working as an Auto Mechanic, or works at their local Burger King, having the time in their day to juggle listening to tunes from their buds whilst working and needing others’ undivided attention.

    To conclude, “AirPods” by Apple are a genuinely life-changing and fulfilling product. Thank you Apple!


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