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  • Review & Complete the Environmental Stability and Social Media Survey!


    The Environmental Stability and Social Social Media Survey, created by Dale News Honorary Member Esther Joy Sherry

    Esther Joy Sherry has created a survey based on her research on the relationship between Environmental Stability and Social Media.

    Esther is an Interaction Design, IXD, student at Farmingdale State College and having this survey completed will help her answer her senior project question, “How can we use Web 3 to create social systems to encourage engagement in environmental stability?”

    These are the qualifications that will make you eligible to take this survey. Only one needs to apply to you:

    — You grow or own plants (You are a Plant Lover)

    — You are looking for practical ways to help the environment

    — You are concerned about the causes and effects of Climate Change

    If any of those factors apply to you and your life, then please take the survey and submit your responses. You can also complete the survey if you are genuinely interested in contributing to Esther’s Research:





    Thanks for reading! Please check out the information below and have a great day! Feel free to reach out to us at dalenewsfsc@gmail.com

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    Dale News Online Publication: Oct. 2022


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