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New Horizons

  • Image for Club Spotlight : Ram Motorsports.

    Club Spotlight : Ram Motorsports

      Ram Motorsports is a collegiate design club open to all students. It is organized by SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) which challenges all participating students to design and build vehicles to present to a design board composed of automotive engineers, and compete in racing events against other schools. The competition teaches students about the […]

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  • Image for Who Man.

    Who Man

    Who can be the man you can Only ask to come from? man only half the word who she Choose to be. Other half seems covered Though they say  “ladies first”, She is the drop of water in the desert when you are dying from thirst.   What could be worse than knowing Who you […]

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  • Image for Mother Earth.

    Mother Earth

    Gave Birth To the dwellers of earth dirt poor they say She say No more no more  will I endure the pain of Carrying the child that eats me from the inside out consumed by fire No water to break the drought like babies we Cry for our mothers milk to touch our mouth   […]

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  • Image for Woe To The Man.

    Woe To The Man

    Woe to the man who lives without love. Who will never embrace her heavenly touch who tries to pull her down from above Who will always be wanting – not having enough for She is free She does not seek to be She is free from; the Misery of man. But because of her love […]

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  • Image for Club Spotlight : GDSC Farmingdale.

    Club Spotlight : GDSC Farmingdale

      The mission of GDSCFarmingdale State College is an opportunity for students to gain practical experience in building applications and services, develop their skills in software engineering, and explore new areas of technology. This helps them to become better prepared for careers in the technology industry, and to contribute to the development of innovative solutions […]

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  • Image for Club Spotlight : Rambots.

    Club Spotlight : Rambots

    The Rambots robotics club is an opportunity for all students to increase their passion for STEM, or try something new. We welcome all students regardless of field of study, or experience. This year, we are hoping to construct 10 VEX EXP robots, and compete against each other. In the future, we hope to compete in […]

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  • Image for Club Spotlight : TRIO & C-STEP Creative Club.

    Club Spotlight : TRIO & C-STEP Creative Club

    Are you a TRIO or C-STEP member? If so, a remarkable opportunity is heading your way! The Creative Club is undergoing some massive renovations! TRIO member Florentino Garguilo, is now the President of this newly-modified club! Soon the club will be given a new moniker, but it’s solely in the hands of the members to […]

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  • Image for Club Spotlight : Ram Nation Radio.

    Club Spotlight : Ram Nation Radio

        Have you ever envisioned yourself hosting your own podcast? Would you like to play all your favorite tunes on a radio station? If you hold a leadership position on campus, would you like to promote your event and/or club? Were you even aware of the fact we have a station on campus? Indeed, we […]

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  • Image for Club Spotlight : NAACP.

    Club Spotlight : NAACP

    About NAACP:     This year for the Farmingdale chapter, I’m looking forward to planning events that are oriented around giving back, gaining wisdom, and making our students (especially our POC colleagues on campus) feel welcomed, appreciated, and motivated to participate in civic engagement and fun! Our board members are solid and passionate about the plans […]

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  • Image for Club Spotlight : Backstage Theatre Company.

    Club Spotlight : Backstage Theatre Company

        My name is Olivia Butler, and I am the President of the Backstage Theatre Company. I would describe the Backstage Theatre Company as a big collective effort of extremely bright, talented, and hardworking students. Every member plays a niche role that all come together for amazing productions. We do our best to include […]

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