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  • Club Spotlight : Ram Nation Radio


      Have you ever envisioned yourself hosting your own podcast? Would you like to play all your favorite tunes on a radio station? If you hold a leadership position on campus, would you like to promote your event and/or club? Were you even aware of the fact we have a station on campus? Indeed, we do! Better known as Ram Nation Radio, we are the face of Farmingdale’s entertainment hub. We cover it all from DJing, to hosting our own segments. You can locate our segments in real time on the podcasting platform Live365! Our team is comprised of a handful of devoted students who use their voices via airwaves! Let it be known that we would love to have you (yes, you) join our team! What makes us unique from other clubs is we don’t have allotted meeting times; we can solely accommodate your schedule! Also, being “one of us” means you can put your RNR experience down on your resume, and land yourself a sought-after career in a competitive field if you learn the lucrative skill of radio production. Still not convinced? Want to check out the station for yourself? Well you most certainly can in Quintyne Hall (Student Activities Building) room 106! Stop by, join our team, and we hope to be collaborating with you in the near future!


    Instagram : @ramnationradio

    Facebook : Ram Nation Radio

    Personal Email : ramnationradio@gmail.com

    “Ram Central” Profile : https://farmingdale.campuslabs.com/engage/organization/ram-nation-radio

    RNR’s Streaming Platform : https://liveonlineradio.net/ram-nation-radio 

    Primary Contact(s) / RNR E-Board :

    • Jonathan Jones – President


    • Shannon Wylie – Vice President


    • Ryan L. – Treasurer


    • Fatima S. – Secretary



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    Dale News Online Publication: August  2023