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  • Who Man

    Who can be the man you can

    Only ask to come from?

    man only half the word who she

    Choose to be.

    Other half seems covered

    Though they say 

    “ladies first”,

    She is the drop of water in the desert when you are dying from thirst.


    What could be worse than knowing

    Who you are yet everyone yells at you otherwise…

    Who is this human, more

    Then man that does arise?

    That causes us to enter earth with no surprise?

     Who can take the place of her tender being?

    Who can ease the pain of the injustice

    We all are seeing?  

    She knows the truth.

    She does not question herself 


    She knows Who she is.

    She is woman. 

    Who man questions…

    Be who she is, she is who man needs.



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    Dale News Online Publication: October 2023