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  • Club Spotlight : TRIO & C-STEP Creative Club

    Are you a TRIO or C-STEP member? If so, a remarkable opportunity is heading your way! The Creative Club is undergoing some massive renovations! TRIO member Florentino Garguilo, is now the President of this newly-modified club! Soon the club will be given a new moniker, but it’s solely in the hands of the members to determine the new name! Monthly events will be hosted such as paint nights, writing workshops, and even inclusive art showcases where members can display and discuss their artwork! The club now also has a GroupMe, where students can send photos of their past, current, and in-progress artwork. Students who post each month in the GroupMe will be entered in a raffle to win a prize at random! As a group, we are all seeking an outlet where we can express our creativity, de-stress when the semester gets tough, and learn from one another’s artwork. We acknowledge that creativity is subjective. This is a judgment-free, safe space for all. The most pertinent aspect of this club is, it’s NOT only limited to traditional visual art! It’s open to ALL forms of creativity; including writing, dancing, singing, video production, poetry, digital art, abstract art, drawing, photography, comedy, etc. To be a member, it’s a prerequisite you MUST be a TRIO or C-STEP student! See what the Creative Club is all about for yourself by simply clicking the GroupMe link!



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