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  • Poetry Reading: “A Beautiful Realization” by The Dale News Poet

    The Dale News Presents

    Dale News Poetry Reading

    The Poem:

    The rain poured and brought down my soul.

    The pain ripped me apart and my heart was no longer whole.

    The wind came by to try to explain the story.

    My mind refused to listen because the moment had lost its glory.


    I looked for a sign to tell me that there was hope.

    Each obstacle comes around to pull you further away with a rope.

    Pushing forward gets you on a path, but not always on the road to success.

    The struggles of daily life make the state of happiness hard to access.


    Life starts to pick up the pace and you suddenly start to move.

    A few mistakes and crazy experiences work to help you find your groove.

    You said it would never work but you became more productive throughout the day.

    You managed to make it to the final stage and you were out of grateful words to say.


    You got down on your knees as you approached the end of the road.

    You took a sigh of relief as you released the heavy load.

    The sun came out to tell you that you did not have to say goodbye.

    You hear a whisper that says when they said things would get better, it was never a lie.

    The Interpretation:

    This poem is really motivational as it relates to anyone who has struggled to get back to a place where they felt like they were on top. Sometimes we fall down and lose hope for what we want the most, and we choose not to believe that things will get better. As students we need to understand that each day of the semester counts and we can gradually make progress. If we take the time to study and prepare for every assignment and exam, we will see our grades improve through stronger performance. As young adults we need to learn how to handle situations that randomly occur in our lives. You never know what will happen throughout the day and you have to be ready to face any challenge. Some moments will allow you to grow and accomplish a goal while others will teach you how to experience a loss and move forward. If there is one message that we should remember from the lessons in this poem it is that the phrase “never give up” holds a power that can give you the strength to conquer anything.

    A note to all viewers

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