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  • Mass Shootings in the US

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    Mass Shootings in the US

    Mass shootings are no longer a rare event and are something people are finding themselves afraid of on a daily basis. California, Texas, Ohio and Virginia Beach are just four out of the numerous deadly mass shootings in The United States this year. It has become evident that if action is not taken soon, the number of lives lost to mass shootings will increase significantly.

    Mass shootings have now happened in schools, workplaces and even Walmart. Who thinks about getting shot when they go to Walmart!? Marches have been set up and the American people have made it known to law makers what they want done. But has any of it happened?

    fl student protest

    Students Protesting Against Gun Violence

    Congress has passed and continues to push bills to ensure stricter gun laws. Three have been passed so far known as the Red Flag Bill, the ban of high ammunition magazines and The House is trying to make it harder for people who are convicted with hate crime misdemeanors to buy a gun. Is this too much to ask? People who are pro guns often argue that good people should not have their guns taken away from them. This is a solid point, many people have guns whether they are hunters, use them for recreational purpose or because they need it for protection.

    The bills being pushed by Congress are not trying to revoke the guns from people who are mentally stable and have them legally. The bills being pushed by The House are to stop the mentally ill from buying guns, stop mass shooters from being able to kill a large number of people in a matter of minutes and stopping people with a history of hate crimes from going out and buying a gun and shooting up a store or school in an effort to kill people based on their race or gender.

    Mass shootings are a serious problem in our country. They impact people almost every single day and can happen anywhere. The majority of Americans want to see more gun restrictions which could save a countless number of lives. If the majority of our country expresses a desire for gun restrictions then our Senate leaders should listen. The senate should put aside their own political agendas and work on a bipartisan gun control bill that will save so many lives.

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