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  • Farmingdale Campus Center: The Many Issues We face

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    DN Report on The Campus Center

    The Campus Center is a victim of its own success! When I enter the Campus Center every day I notice how crowded it is. I have to find somewhere to sit before I get food because by the time I get food, all of the seats are taken. One of the risks that I take while getting food is leaving my personal belongings in my seat while I get something to eat. Anyone could just take my belongings. Here are some ideas for solutions:

    — Expand the seating area.

    — Make more outdoor seating areas.

    — Take out the bookstore and build one in the library

    — Arrange the tables and chairs like the Roosevelt Food Court

    The Campus Center is a great place to eat, do homework, meet with friends and relax. It is a beautiful building, but it can be even better with some expansion.

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