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  • Terry Crews: A Perspective of Redemption


    “Terry Crews: A Perspective of Redemption” Written by Chris Kosel (Photo: https://www.newsday.com/long-island/suffolk/terry-crews-sexual-abuse-farmingdale-state-college-vvbfodks)

    All eyes were locked on Terry Crews as he spoke from his heart, recalling his childhood and upbringing to an auditorium full of college students. In his story, a message hung in the air that got clearer with every word he spoke. Redemption is available to everyone as long as effort is put in to attain it.

    It is not often that a speaker has their audience’s whole and undivided attention. However, this was exactly the case as Terry Crews spoke about his life. Beginning with his humble upbringings, and how a feeling of physical powerlessness was seeded in him at a young age. This feeling drove him to grow stronger, doing push-ups until his arms crumbled in his quest for strength. This drive for physical strength continued in him for years, and he attained it throughout his life. However, something was still missing, as he was still battling his feelings and didn’t know why he couldn’t win. His feeling of powerlessness grew into anger as he got older, snowballing with guilt and shame.

    These emotions nearly cost him greatly at times until he looked inward, discovered why he was so angry and why he let it control him for so long. As he began going to therapy, he began to unravel those emotions and better control them, allowing him to attain a strength he had yearned for so long. Terry Crews had found power in his emotions and the understanding of them. He found true strength in understanding himself and how he operated. After consistent effort, Terry Crews had attained the strength he sought from such a young age.

    Roars of applause shook the bleachers as he talked about his redemption from his past. Terry Crews seemed to reach out and reassure everyone individually of their value in the world. He made it known to everyone there that no one is irredeemable, no matter the struggles or mistakes. He reminded all of us that everyone is only human, and the mistakes we make do not define us. These mistakes serve as experiences to learn and grow to become the best possible version of ourselves.

    terry crews news room 2

    Terry Crews Speaking to Large FSC Crowd in Nold Hall. (Photo: https://www.farmingdale.edu/news/news-room/2022/2022-05-09-terry-crews.shtml)

    In the end, what spoke to me the most was his openness with everyone there. He held nothing back about his struggles with addiction, raw emotion, and the effects on others those feelings carried. Terry Crews reassured everyone that it was ok to struggle with these things and grapple with ourselves, but it is dangerous to allow issues to stay hidden away and grow. Everyone has the power to take the reins of their life and learn from mistakes of the past, becoming a better person because of it. Terry Crews’ message was a reminder that we are not alone in the struggles of life. There are countless places and people to reach out to for support and begin figuring out what has been afflicting us for so long.

    As he concluded, his life story, the smile on Terry Crews’ face said it all. He saw the limitless potential in every single one of us, pushing aside our pasts and looking to our wonderful futures.




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