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  • “Welcome to Society” by Shea

     Welcome to society.

    Where students are stressed, some band-obsessed, and others are depressed.

     Where people give you hate on what you wear and your weight. 

    Where some laws forbid people from being gay.



    Welcome to society.

    We hope you enjoy your stay. Hopefully, you don’t feel some type of way.

    They’ll tear you down, give you unwanted attention, and 

    get involved when they weren’t even mentioned. 



    Welcome to society.

    Where most grow up too quickly.

    Throw subliminal messages on social media, the negative words some spit.

     Where female sexuality feels like you’re trapped in a living nightmare.

    Seems as though we’re forever forced to be in white wear.

    Where boys are looked at as “soft” if they cry.

    This is something I still wonder, why?



    I’m aware this may sound bitter, but even salt looks like sugar. 

    You’re still in the mix, even if you move quietly. 

    It may sound harsh, but 

    welcome to society.




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