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  • My Farmingdale Reflection

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    “My Farmingdale Reflection” Written by Alexa Langan (Photo: https://pixabay.com/photos/book-woman-hands-reflecting-bible-1421097/)


    As my first year here at Farmingdale has come to an end, I can honestly say that I’m so happy and content with my decision to go to school here. Picking a college is never easy but the deciding factors that ultimately led me to choose Farmingdale are the fact that it’s close to my house, it was more affordable than the other schools I had applied to, and that the campus was smaller than other schools, which I liked. As we all know by now Farmingdale is a smaller school (which I personally prefer) so it made meeting new people easier for me. Whether you have the same class as someone, or you’re in the same club or maybe on the same sports team, Farmingdale makes it super easy to make new friends. 

    Personally, I work on campus and all of my coworkers are super friendly and everyone gets along really well. While it’s definitely a more laid-back environment, it has helped me meet so many people that I would’ve never met if I didn’t work here. As far as classes go, my professors have all been super helpful and patient when it comes to teaching. It can be overwhelming to balance work and school, but I make sure I always get everything done.

    Overall, I’ve had a really positive experience at Farmingdale and hope that continues. I look forward to making more memories, going to more events that Farmingdale has to offer, meeting new people and most importantly continuing to write more stories for the Dale News.



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