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  • Walk A Mile in My Shoes

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    Walk A Mile in My Shoes.

    Past all the city lights, way down into the underground.

    Away from the clouds and the trees, where your sudden fate is the greatest sight you’ll ever see.

    Walk A Mile in My Shoes.


    I wonder how you’re supposed to make it out when there’s no one else to show you how.

    And yet we still find clarity within the moments we believe are meant to be.

    Could you walk a mile in my shoes?


    Set a flame to my dreams and watched it burn with the rest of me.

    Through all the smoke and mirrors, I forgot how to be free.


    Seeing the light guiding me from a source of pain.

    Remember that we must struggle to afford the powerful knowledge we hope to gain.


    Crawling out of the deep end, searching for a helping hand.

    Discovering comfort in each new step like the soothing sounds of a sad song played by your favorite band.


    I wonder if you really knew my name,

    if you would still treat me the same.

    Are our lives dependent on hooks and views?

    Could you walk a mile in my shoes?


    I have reached the surface!

    Through myself I have found a friend.

    I told myself that “I will never leave you again.”

    We can move together, or else we’ll fall apart.

    With love, I’m telling you that I’m ready for a fresh start.


    Walk A Mile in My Shoes.



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    Dale News Online Publication: April 2023