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  • “You Were in A Show!” A Spotlight on FSC’s Backstage Theatre Company

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    “You Were in A Show!” (A Spotlight on FSC’s Backstage Theatre Company) written by Dale News Honorary Member River Harrison

    Hello! My name is River Harrison, and I am here to spread the word about all the clubs you didn’t know we have at Farmingdale State College! I pride myself on being an active member of my FSC community, so I want to share these connections with you, my dear reader!

    Did you know we have a Theater club? For the past few semesters Simrah Malik. and Victoria Haynie have been putting their hearts into Backstage Theatre (BST).

    Can you imagine being in the middle of the Pandemic, trying to keep a performing arts club afloat? With Simrah and Victoria on the Executive Board, they kept busy! They had events ranging from Game Nights and Improv Nights to keep people interested and interactive! 

    In the Fall 2021 semester they had their first production since the Lockdown with “10 Ways To Survive The Zombie Apocalypse” and it was a huge success! With the fear that not many people would show up since it was students only admission, they were happily proven wrong. It just showed how much FSC cares about our performing arts.

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    FSC Backstage Theatre Company

    This past Spring, Farmingdale continued to show it’s love for BST as the performance of “Clue.” Once again, so many Farmingdale students showed up but since we were also able to invite family and friends outside of the college we had an even bigger outcome! Everyone who participated in the show was ecstatic to see people in the audience because it makes all the hard work they put in worthwhile.

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    Members of the FSC Backstage Theater Company

    FSC has shown lots of support to this club and they even won a Campus Life Award! After overcoming all the challenges of being online and still wanting to be connected, the Backstage Theatre won the Resiliency Award. Being back after the Lockdown and having to put together a big production, there was so much work to do. The amount of time and effort each show needs is crazy but they still managed to put on two amazing shows in a downgrade stage while the school’s real stage was being renovated.

    For taking the lead and bringing the club to life, Simrah won the Campus Life Award. Simrah deserves so much recognition and it was so bittersweet to see her go as a part of the 2022 graduating class. A final quote from our now former President of BST is “As long as you’re interested in performing arts, it’s a good club to be in! ” and I 100% agree.

    Whether it be in the cast or crew, Backstage Theatre encourages anyone who is interested to take a look and participate! Anyone can be in a show!


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    Thanks for reading! Please check out the information below and have a great day! Feel free to reach out to us at dalenewsfsc@gmail.com

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    Dale News Online Publication: Oct. 2022


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