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  • DN WEEKLY UPDATE: August 31, 2022

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    Dale News Weekly Update

    THIS WEEK in the DN Community:

    The Fall 2022 semester has begun and the Dale News is officially back in business! This means it is time to reconnect and plan for the “Best. Semester. Ever.”

    How do we achieve this? By working together and evolving our methods into a self-sustaining operation. The Dale News started as a lost organization full of passion that was constantly looking for new members to bring it to life. Now we have a team that is capable of what was once believed to be impossible. It’s time to WIN. It’s time to DELIVER.

    Read through the plans for THIS WEEK:

    — The King’s Walk (DN Chief Correspondent Isaiah Hilman-Smalls will be on campus tomorrow. During his time on campus he will have several meetings to manage more of the progress we plan to make. Throughout the day any of you can reach out in the group chat or through Instagram if you’re available to meet with Isaiah and attend some meetings with him. You can also discuss your ideas for your next contribution to the paper.)

    — Dale News Showcase (Our newspaper will be printed soon. A draft has been printed out and is under review. Once everything is approved, our Showcase will be printed and delivered!)

    — Dale News Student Interest Form (With many new members interested in joining our team and the current members eager to begin working again, we need a platform that will allow all ideas to flourish and dreams to be set in motion. The DN Student Interest Form will give you a chance to explain what you are interested in writing about and from there we can decide how to move forward.)

    — Dale News POWER Campaign (The DN has the potential to be part of the larger conversation within the realm of all student newspapers and online publications. With our devoted team members and drive to be the BEST, we can make this new dream come true. More details on how to contribute to the POWER Campaign will be revealed later this month.)

    The progress we make this semester will determine the future of The Dale News and I am confident that everyone can help us reach the next level.

    Until the next update, have a great one.



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