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  • Vote NOW in the NAACP Chapter’s Executive Board Elections!


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    Fall 2022 NAACP Chapter E-Board Elections 

    What’s going on?

    Farmingdale State College’s NAACP Chapter have opened their official Fall 2022 Executive Board Elections! You now have the chance to vote for the Executive Board Members you believe will help take the chapter to the next level. Read through each candidate’s campaign speeches and decide who should be granted each position.

    This is what the current NAACP Chapter Unit President, Assé Diallo, had to say about her goals for the organization:

    Through my passion for advocacy and civic engagement, I was able to reactivate the NAACP club here at Farmingdale and keep Our chapter in compliance with national standards this Spring. Ever since then I’ve made it my duty to myself and the students of Farmingdale to be active in advocacy and civic engagement. I’ve been with the NAACP for 8 months and been the Unit President at Farmingdale, and through showing unwavering support and advocacy I’ve been recently appointed to Press and Publicity chair of the NAACP New York State Conference Youth and College division.

    The NAACP chapter at Farmingdale is much more than just activism and civic engagement. It is about having a collective of individuals that encourage one another to advocate for themselves and those who look like us to strive for the education we all deserve, despite our experiences. It is about creating a platform for students of color to voice their opinions and take the initiative to ensure that Farmingdale is held responsible for implementing advancement relative to our student body (Black Students and POC!).

    I want our chapter to guarantee students of color a place of safety. The NAACP is where students are able to foster a relationship with all communities of color since we are in an institution where we are not the majority. It is a space where students are able to be themselves and not feel the need to conform and assimilate due to the outside atmosphere. It is where people of color are able to speak in their dialect and vernacular freely and have no constraints on their identities and many more.

    My personal goal for the NAACP is to create a tight-knit community where we will always have one another’s back no matter the circumstance. I hope to amplify and deepen my thoughts, as well as my peers, on the NAACP chapter’s role on campus. I want to be able to find refuge in people who have similar experiences as me, I want to be able to laugh and create memories with beautiful people. I want to be able to share cultural things and not have it become a trend. I want to be there for anyone of color in need. I want to be able to put others on great opportunities, I want us ALL to be up there, simple.

    Spaces like the NAACP WILL prosper and age beyond graduation. The NAACP is paving the way for other clubs. Students with all these different intersectionalities are creating their own communities. It excites me to know that because of the NAACP Chapter, students are taking the initiative to form other clubs based on their cultural backgrounds. Having this plethora of diversity working together to advance one another is a beautiful sight.

    I want to continue to lead us all throughout this year where we can really make a difference here on campus!


    You can submit your votes for the Fall 2022 NAACP Chapter Executive Board Elections through this link, using your FSC email to access the form:





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