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  • A Supportive Letter from FSC’s Student Government Association

    2020 04 04 13.12.43

    FSC Student Government Association

    Dear Farmingdale,


    We are the Farmingdale State College Student Government Association and we advocate and stand for equity and inclusivity.

    This worldwide pandemic has had unprecedented effects on our students, faculty, and staff. As a community we must stand united to condemn all forms of racism, demonizing behavior, and hateful rhetoric towards members of the Asian community. We must be cognizant of the language that we use and behaviors that we portray towards one another.

    Students who are affected, remember that you are not alone and that we, as your Student Government Association, support you.

    In order to combat racism and discrimination towards the FSC Asian community, the campus has resources that you may contact to report all forms of hate crimes and biased incidences.

    If you would like to make a report, please contact The Office of Dean of Students via email at:


    For New Yorkers, a hotline has been announced to report all hate crimes and biased incidences. If you would like to make a report or are in need of emotional support, please call the hotline at:


    Or send an email to:





    FSC Student Government Association



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