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  • FSC’s Student Government Association to Host Pandemic Town Hall Today!

    2020 04 06 23.41.01

    Pandemic Town Hall: April 8, 2020

    Today, the Student Government Association of Farmingdale State College will be hosting the Pandemic Town Hall!

    At this event, students will be able to share their concerns about the change in everyone’s lifestyle as well as ask any questions they may have about what will happen throughout the rest of this semester.

    Here is a list of some concerns that you may have and want to address:

    — Receiving full credit for courses that require you to perform activities that need to be done in the classroom

    — Issues with Blackboard Collaborate and Zoom servers being interrupted and stopping online video classes from taking place (If you thought the video classes were helpful and made you feel more engaged and motivated to do your work)

    — The transition to online courses making all of your assignments turn into multiple choice exams and short papers making you feel overwhelmed and wanting more exciting material

    If you have any concerns you want to address or questions you want to ask, you can fill out this form (make sure to sign in using your FSC email account):



    The Town Hall begins at 12pm so stay tuned to SGA’s Instagram page for information on how to participate!




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