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  • “Little Girl” by Kashaf Duja

    keenan constance GYy6xdMN4zQ unsplash1

    “Little Girl”, Written by Kashaf Duja (Photo: Photo by Keenan Constance on Unsplash)

    You must stay quiet,

    she was told.

    How can you possibly save the world?

    You must obey them,

    the norms.

    You must stay behind the shadows of men,

    only they can rule this world.

    No, no don’t say anything,

    don’t dare stand up.

    You must wait for your Prince Charming,

    you can’t go out there alone.


    This world.

    It’s a scary jungle,

    only he can protect you from it.

    You must stay still, cry if you must,

    that’s all little girls are capable of.


    As she got older she realized her dream.

    It was to protect little girls just like her from this false reality.


    No, she will not stay quiet.

    No, she will not listen to the norms society created.

    She will break the glass ceiling.

    She will take the walls down.


    The false image will change of women.

    That day will come.


    There’s more woman than they all assumed.

    No, we are not weak,

    nor are we little.


    We are strong, bold, among many other traits.


    In one word, we are empowered.




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