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  • “Mirror” by Kashaf Duja

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    “Mirror” by Kashaf Duja (Photo: Garidy Sanders)

    Here I am regretting the past once again.

    Laying on my bed, staring at the ceiling,

    thinking about all the things I could change if I went back in time.

    Trying hard to look at myself in the mirror.

    Trying not to remember the past me.

    But here I am living the past through my eyes again.

    Hurting at the mistakes I’ve made.

    Not knowing when I’ll escape the whirlpool of unforgivable memories.

    Trying to hypnotize my brain.


    Here I am again in front of the mirror forgetting who I am.

    Realizing that I should have changed.

    Not my past, but my mindset

    Not everyone tells you that it’s ok to make mistakes

    Every journey taken.

    Every heartbreak.

    Every sorrow experienced.

    They all made me who I am today.

    They all pushed me to believe in myself.


    Now here I am once again in front of the mirror.

    Realizing how unique I am.

    The painful past has only made me stronger.

    Now I see there is so much more to me than I’ve ever believed.

    Now I see so clearly.

    The bright stars calling my name.

    Now without hesitating.

    I will spread my wings wide open and fly past the dark world.

    I will fly past the black nights, past the heartless eyes.

    I will fly high into the sky and finally removing all my regrets.

    All my disbelief and all my weaknesses.

    I will raise my hand and touch Polaris.




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