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  • Save Rodney Reed!

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    Save Rodney Reed!

    The United States has had a mass incarceration problem for years, and the biggest issues have involved minorities. In Texas, behind a jail cell, lives a man named Rodney Reed who was accused of raping and killing a woman in 1997. Twenty-two years later he is on death row with only 10 more days to live.

    More than one witness has come forward claiming that Reed did not kill the girl. CNN reports that the woman’s boyfriend at the time was Jimmy Fennell and admitted to the murder years ago to another member of an “Aryan brotherhood” while in prison for another crime. Is it not unlikely that a member of an Aryan brotherhood would blame a black man for the murder of his girlfriend?

    Rodney Reed should not be killed by the Government on November 20th for a crime he did not commit. Witnesses claim Fennell had said he found out his girlfriend was cheating on him and was even more upset about her cheating on him because of Reed’s race. Reed is on death row because of a racist and unjust system.

    A petition online is requesting people sign to persuade Governor Abbott of Texas to pardon Reed. You do not have to believe or be invested in Reed’s story to sign the petition. Rodney Reed does not deserve to die because of racism. If Reed was a white man, the odds of him being on death row for the last 20 years are a lot less likely. The link to the petition will be attached below and signing it could save an innocent man’s life.

    Petition: https://www.change.org/p/stop-the-execution-of-rodney-reed

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