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  • “The Storm” by Kashaf Duja

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    “The Storm” by Kashaf Duja (Photo: Clément Falize)

    It was a dark day.

    Quiet, like the hollowness felt before an abrupt storm.

    The rain started to come down hard

    like the heavens were bleeding through the clouds.

    Thunder screaming so loud.

    Screams that could wake up a sleeping lion.

    The storm captured a girl.

    A girl who’s heart was filled with warmth.

    She walked under the storm.


    Slowly drowning.

    Buried under the water that rushed around her.

    Many stood by her. 

    Watched as she choked.

    Not able to help her.

    So there she was.



    The water was up to her eyes now.

    Eyes filled with loss.

    With regret and pain.

    The water eventually dried out.

    Every drop used to suffocate her.

    Not all of her.

    Just the part that mattered the most.

    Her heart had frozen from the vicious cold water of the storm.



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