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  • Poetry Reading: “Choices” by The Dale News Poet

    The Dale News Presents

    Dale News Poetry Reading

    The Poem:

    Can our thoughts be heard if we let our feelings out?

    Will our dreams be achieved if we figure out what life is all about?


    Can we take a step back to listen to our heart?

    Will any time wasted result in our lives falling apart?


    Can we choose to give up and resist the chance to grow?

    Will we try again if life tells us that soon enough we will learn all we need to know?

    The Interpretation:

    This poem speaks to the individuals who question if their dreams are worth pursuing. The first line gets us to think about how we express our emotions because in today’s world we tend to hold back our feelings. Every time we hold back we lose parts of ourselves and miss out on what could have been a great moment. One advantage of not always expressing ourselves verbally is having the ability to create different forms of art to get the same message across. This amazing physical representation shows how we really feel and tells our audience that we care about them. The expression may not always be positive and the reaction could be the same, but what is truly important is knowing that for that whole moment there was nothing but honesty. The second line questions what would happen to us if we finally found out how our life was meant to be. Each day is filled with experiences that we are sometimes not prepared for but we go through with the situation hoping that everything works out. If we knew where every event would take us we would make better choices, but then some of the fun of living your life would naturally fade away.

    The third line of this poem requests that we try to listen to our hearts instead of our minds. Could it be true that we rather listen to the first thought that our minds provide? When making a quick decision there is no time to consider how we feel inside because we have to move on to the next activity and any feelings hidden underneath the moment will just have to stay there. Over time these became the rules of the fast-paced lifestyle that most of us have grown into. There used to be days where we could sit back and enjoy everything but now we wonder when the next special event will take place. While it is important to do what is needed for success in your life, it is also important to do what is needed for stability in your life. In order to survive and make it to the future you need to work to be successful and happy in the present. The fourth line of the poem makes us wonder if we ever feel like we are wasting time in our lives. Was there any event that you went through and thought about if you should really have been there? Should you have stayed out late with your friends instead of being with your family? Should you have went out with your friends when you decided to stay home and do nothing? Will you ever look back on any moment in your life and regret not making the right decision? We are not immune to making mistakes and the best thing to do is try to learn from every experience. Life always forces us to move on and sometimes that is a hard task, but it can be done.

    Choosing to give up is mentioned in the fifth line and it makes one question what would really happen if we decided that all of our hopes and dreams were not worth the fight. The beginning of our lives consisted of us learning about how the world works and how we want to handle each situation. After the experience we had our own idea of what should be done if the moment were to happen again. By choosing to try again the next day we allowed ourselves to grow into the person we are now because we refused to let any event determine whether or not we would be successful. We learned that we have the power within ourselves to achieve the outcome that we desire. This leads into the last line of the poem that makes us wonder how we would react if we knew that the battle would be coming to an end. If you finally got to figure out everything you needed in life and the future was clear. Would it be right to say that at that moment failure could never be an option? Was the blurred vision of the future the reason why you were holding back from your true potential, or did you want to wait for the right time? No matter when that time is, life will find a way to help you reach the top of the mountain where you were destined to be.

    Overall, this was a great poem and the length made it more meaningful because each set of lines has its own message that connects with the main idea.

    A note to all viewers

    “The Dale News is introducing a new program called The Dale News Poetry Reading where students can let their voices be heard in a powerful form of creative expression. Students can send a poem that they have written or a poem that they love to The Dale News email and they can choose to write their own interpretation of what the poem means to them. They can also email any song lyrics that are very meaningful to moments in their life. Students have the choice of putting their name in for the article and the poem can be sent to the email at any time. Once the article is posted the student will get an email back with the article of the poetry reading that they helped create. The Dale News hopes that this new program will get the attention of inspired writers and creative individuals so they will feel motivated to join the team.” – The Dale News Team

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