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  • Poetry Reading: “Crossroads” by Gregory Francis

    The Dale News Presents

    Dale News Poetry Reading

    The Poem:

    Life always gets better when you are near.

    I am glad we are finally talking;

    Peace and quiet, just you and I walking.

    Please, more often, no more waiting a year.

    The Interpretation:

    This poem connects with the deep feelings that we hold in our heart and makes us think about who we really care about. Throughout our lifetime we will meet different kinds of people who will have an impact on us in a negative or positive way. The people who fill our hearts with happiness are the ones that we need to keep in our lives. The first line of this poem talks about how life is better when that special person is around and how their company has the rare ability to create a positive mood. This special person could be a friend, significant other, or a family member and they naturally have become a very important figure in your life. The second line goes into the emotional relief that we feel when we finally get to speak with who we were waiting to see for a long time. The distance over time was spent building your individual lives but was also spent strengthening the bond that you created since the first day you met. Experiencing the joy of peace and quiet is mentioned in the third line and represents how life seems to take a step back when you are with that special person. On a normal day you have a routine that is filled with struggles and stressful situations that try to take you down, but you decide you keep going because there is another day to put on the same performance all over again. When that special person is around all of those struggles naturally fade away from your mind and you start to enjoy life a little bit more. The last line of the poem refers to how far the distance can grow over time with the situations where we do not get to see our friends for a year and we wonder how much has changed. It is important to remember that with people who share a real bond there is no amount of time spent apart that could ruin their relationship.

    Overall, this was a wonderful poem that connects with anyone who has at least one special person in their life that they do not want to lose. To those lucky individuals, please take the advice that Gregory Francis gives and keep that special person close.

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