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  • How I Stay Motivated During The Pandemic

    DN 2021 Frame of Mind

    Although this is a tough time for everyone right now, I believe that it is important to stay positive, motivated, and supportive even though it can be very difficult. Some ways that help me stay motivated to perform my best academically is to be organized, take breaks occasionally, and to work hard for the future. 

    Keeping track of all my assignments is a way to keep me motivated. Each week, I write down all the tasks that have to be completed and check them off one by one as I finish them. Calendars are a huge key to staying on top of assignments, events, and other activities going on in my life. I also realized that tasks are more likely to get done when writing them down on paper first. That being said, organization is my motivation. 

    I always make sure to take breaks between my classes and studying. I find if I study too long, I lose focus on what I’m trying to understand. Some ways that help me distress on my breaks are painting, running, going to the gym, or even just talking to a friend! After participating in such relaxing activities, I feel motivated to get back to learning with a clear mind. 

    Lastly, I’m a girl who always likes to think about my future. Sometimes it’s very scary to think about the unknown, but most of the time it’s very motivating. I want to become a Registered Dietitian and I know that it won’t come easy, but if I keep doing my best and studying when I need to, I’ll be where I want to be someday. When these thoughts come to mind, it’s important not to stress and to take everything day by day. Have confidence in yourself and know that everything happens for a reason.

    Motivation doesn’t come easy. However, having a positive mindset along with a supportive family and friend group is all you need to become inspired to do your best in everything you set your mind to. Life can be stressful, but it’s always important to have fun along the way!



    This article was written in response to Round One of A Dale’s Frame of Mind. If you would like to participate in this program, feel free to send an email to dalenewsfsc@gmail.com for more information.




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