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  • What Do I Hope For in 2021?

    DN 2021 Frame of Mind

    What do I hope for in 2021?

    I think a better question is, what don’t I hope for in 2021? In a year which seemed to be one of more difficult ones, people across the world experienced hardships like no other. A pandemic ravaged the world and continues to devastate the U.S. with record numbers. The country is more overtly divided than ever before with economic, social, and political disaccord. More and more Black people in this country were subject to police violence among other injustices. I have so much hope for change and better days ahead in 2021, and I hope it’s enough for everyone.

    This year, I think everyone could use a little hope. The demoralizing effect 2020 has had on people is like no other, therefore it is understandable if people are lacking optimism. I am no prophet, so I cannot tell you that the worst days are behind us, that tomorrow will be a better day, or that everything will be back to normal eventually. What I can say is that your own hopes and beliefs are things that nothing can take from you. Not a pandemic, not civil unrest, nothing at all. At the very least, maintain the hopes and beliefs you had coming into 2020. Try your best to be optimistic and fill your mind with positive energy. This year will be what we make it.

    As for my personal hope for 2021, I hope we never go back to what we were, but transform into something much greater. I hope that the pandemic comes to close, leaving us more resilient and prepared for anything we encounter. I hope all social injustices are addressed accordingly and equity is enforced. I hope that despite distinct political views, people across the country collaborate on bipartisan efforts to uplift our well-beings. I hope everyone experiences a year as positive as 2020 was negative, and individuals across the globe recoup their strength. There’s not much more I can hope for than a year much better than the last, and I hope that you sustain hope through it all.


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