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  • Chapter Two: Women Empowerment

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    “Chapter Two: Women Empowerment”, Written by Adina Shahzad


    The following piece is from the second chapter of the book. “Realities of the 21st Century: Save The Soul”, that was written by Adina Shahzad.

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    Now here is Chapter Two, Women Empowerment:

    This section is not just for females to start off. I will simply discuss what a woman is. I should actually say what a woman is and what she should be. The Merriam Webster defines the word, “woman” as “an adult female person”. Next, how do we define adult? The Merriam Webster defines “adult” as “fully developed and mature”. At this point we can conclude that a woman is a grown up with and should have her life and decisions in her own hands. However, moving forward, the Merriam Webster defines “female” as “of, or relating to, or being the sex that typically has the capacity to bear young or produce eggs”. When we combine the meanings of adult and female, we get the definition of a woman.

    According to our current generation, that is not the definition of a woman whatsoever. A woman is a form of sexual amusement. Females are constantly being used and blackmailed. Women are forced by society to be “perfect”. The wise ones are those who realize that their imperfections are what make them perfect. I feel like the common idea of multitasking makes females reach the comprehension that they need to be able to do a lot of things. Numerous studies show that women tend to have more things that they try to be good at. This thought process then leads women to assume that they also need a perfect body figure, skin complexion, and so on just because they think they are capable of so many other things like cooking, cleaning, etc.

    Overall, I’d like to put it out there that there is no “perfect”. We weren’t even made to be “perfect”. Also, we don’t even know what “perfect” is? Who even has the right to say whether or not a woman is “perfect”? We need to make a difference for girls. As conditions seem to be getting worse, what do you think your future daughter or granddaughter will see in her life? If you don’t care about the precious females era, at least try to make a change for the upcoming females. I’ve been studying the evolution of females for three years now. It’s not much time, but within just one day I was capable of realizing that we need reform as soon as possible. It has become way too frequent that adolescent girls face intersecting disadvantages because of their age, gender identity, ethnic/racial background, sexual identity, religious affiliation, household income, disabilities, and so on.

    Statistics prove that every 10 minutes, somewhere in the world, an adolescent girl dies because of violence. If that doesn’t affect you, I don’t know what will. It’s sad to see so many females dealing with anxiety, depression, diseases due to stress, and suicidal thoughts just because they are not liked by society. We need to reach these girls and inspire them to speak up and let the world know the inappropriate dangers of being a female. There is no reason why a woman, old or young, should be in a self crisis due to what others think of her. We need to take a pledge in protecting girls’ human rights in all circumstances. A woman should be seen as God’s creation and there is absolutely no reason to disown her or abuse her.



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