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  • Chapter One: Picture Perfect

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    “Chapter One: Picture Perfect”, Written by Adina Shahzad


    The following piece is from the first chapter of the book. “Realities of the 21st Century: Save The Soul”, that was written by Adina Shahzad.

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    Now here is Chapter One, Picture Perfect:

    Look at that girl on the cover of the fashion magazine. Isn’t she gorgeous? But wait, that’s edited. Her skin isn’t that clear. Here eyes aren’t really that shape. Her makeup isn’t that perfect. She’s wearing colored contacts. She probably got plastic surgery. She gets a facial everyday. Her face was made slimmer. The contouring is what makes her pretty. Her appearance is totally fake! Is that correct? Maybe. Well let me tell you what’s actually beautiful. It’s her confidence. Her audacity is what makes her a model. Her ability to get out in the world and expose herself is what makes her absolutely stunning. She is gorgeous in every way possible. A model can be a male, female, or any other gender and I appreciate everyone who is willing to present themselves for a reason.

    Now, speaking in a mature and honest way, half of the things we do or purchase are because of models/brand ambassadors. It’s in our blood to copy others and do what makes us feel better or possibly more superior. Instead of appreciating these people, we tend to make fun of them and often times say that they have no life. No matter who we talk about, we need to look at their output. Whether it’s Kylie Jenner, Bella Hadid, or whoever else you can think of, they put a lot of effort into their job. People often think that these high end celebrities just pamper themselves and live a luxurious life. There is actually a lot more to it. They’re more than just insta famous. Their personalities have a lot more to it. We have a natural tendency to not look further than the Instagram post. We should focus on the person as a whole, not just their “make up” or “body type”. People think that the life of a model or celebrity is absolutely ideal. It’s the opposite and it’s totally okay to say that they work just as hard as a doctor or a lawyer may. They may even work harder in some instances. I’ve met models and famous people. They’re just like ordinary people and work very hard.

    Next time you judge a figure of this type, just remember the hustle these people confront on a daily basis. Many of these models go days without food just to look perfect for a photoshoot. Some exercise vigorously and let go of their families and households. Miranda Kerr once said, “A rose can never be a sunflower, and a sunflower can never be a rose. All flowers are beautiful in their own way, and that’s like women too. I want to encourage women to embrace their own uniqueness.” As this world becomes more evil, embrace a positive thinking. Never try to be another and appreciate yourself. Often times, jealousy and anger take over. Those two elements no longer leave us as who we are truly were beforehand. As long as you accept the confidence within yourself and have some type of faith, you shall never face your downfall. No one can fail us except for us ourselves.




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