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  • Professors That Shine!


    Professors That Shine (Photo: Amazon)

    Recently, it has come to light that as students we often tackle the day to day problems of being college students who possibly have jobs on the side. Along with our busy schedules, we often have to deal with professors who we may not like. I have noticed many of my peers complaining about difficult professors. Ranting is great but we need to be more positive to be productive and happy in our day to day lives!

    Therefore, I would like to give two shout outs this week to professors that have really made a difference on campus. Michael Motta is an assistant professor of history, politics and geography. I took his Political Science online class last semester and not only was it enriching, but well thought out and easy to understand. He did not overload his students with work but gave us quizzes, conversations and other material to ensure we understood the class material. On top of being one of our best professors he is also a lawyer admitted to the bar in Boston. Professor Motta is overall a really nice guy who is always available to help his students and is great about answering emails!

    Noel Brathwaite is the second professor I wanted to give a shout out to this week. She is not only an Assistant Professor here at Dale but she also finds time to be the faculty advisor for us, The Dale News. She is also of high intellectualism as she was a reporter for five years before she became a professor. Her contributions to our club has been instrumental to our success. She continues to deal with our confusion, sit through meetings during her free time and she does it all with a smile. Professor Brathwaite has been so helpful and understanding to us throughout the whole process and she truly deserves a big thank you from all of us. We truly appreciate you and all of your help!   

    Enough of what I think! Do you have any professors that have changed your college experience? Here at Dale News, we want your opinions. Send us an email or direct message on Instagram on who your favorite professors are and why. We cannot wait to hear from everyone!



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