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  • What Happened in the October Debate?

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    The October Debate

    The October Democratic Presidential debate was filled with angst as uncertainty over our current president rises in America. Donald Trump is currently being inquired for impeachment by Congress and as he is under more scrutiny, more controversial actions he has taken are being revealed. Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren are currently the front runners on the democratic side and as Warren rises other candidates planned their attacks on her. 

    Warren had answers to almost every attack. While many are skeptical of her, you have to admit she has a passion for politics and is a step ahead of every candidate. With every attack she responds with “I have a plan for that” before giving a well thought out response. Biden, another front runner, was handling attacks due to his son being on the board of directors of a Chinese company of which he recently resigned. 

    Biden handled the attacks by trying to shut them down and make them irrelevant. He compared his son being on the board of a Chinese company as minuscule compared to Trump asking foreign governments for help finding dirt on the Biden family. Trump did this to help him win the election. Biden took his son’s side and said at no time did he ever discuss issues regarding work with his son while he was Vice President. His son, Hunter, resigned last weekend and vowed to not have any business with foreign powers while his father is president.

    The other Candidates had good ideas as well with Sanders continuing to preach his “Medicare for All” plan. Klobuchar attacked Warren for saying she did not want to tax the middle class for universal healthcare, only the rich. She claimed “at least he is being honest” which related to Sanders explaining that under his plan taxes would go up, but he thinks it would work out better for everybody in the end. The fight over universal healthcare is endless but growing as we saw on the debate stage.

    Overall, Harris and Buttigieg are starting to fade but Buttigieg came out in full support of bringing the country back together. Appealing to emotions, he asked Americans to “picture what it will be like waking up the day Trump is no longer president” and explained that if we do not destroy the divide it could become toxic. Harris has some strong and valuable ideas including her healthcare plan which could impress moderate and radical democrats. While Buttigieg and Harris were once further up in the polls, it will be interesting to see where the election will take us as things can change so radically during this time.

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