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  • Motivation #4: Adapt to Change


    It can be risky. It can be difficult. It can also be beautiful. And it will always show you more of yourself.

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    Motivation #4 (Adapt to Change)

    When we get into a certain position in life we tend to create a routine that we get used to performing on a daily basis. This routine becomes a pattern that we either like or one that we start to get upset with. We tend to become frustrated when something happens that stops our progress because in the moment we do not realize why the surprise event is taking place. Well what are you supposed to do when everything has been working for months and suddenly things change? What are you supposed to do when you no longer have that same type of energy that got you through the beginning stages? There is only one thing to do when this happens which is to adapt to change.

    How are you supposed to adapt when there are too many changes?

    When everything is happening at once it can be very difficult to see how to handle the situation. Your mind starts to tell you that you should give up on the goal and try to work for something else. Before the change even began you spent months and years building to reach your special moment so the thought of quitting is not one that you want to listen to. This is when you have to make the big decision that will determine how the rest of your life will be until you accomplish your goal. Before you take your next step you need to ask yourself, why am I doing this and what will it do for me? Once you can completely answer this question you will be able to move forward and experience better days.

    What is the purpose?

    When you woke up today you had a plan for how you wanted the day to go, and that plan was a small piece of the puzzle that fits into your dream. Throughout the day you may start to think about different ways that your plan could go wrong and how if you make one mistake then your whole day would be ruined. When you ask yourself why you are doing each task and honestly answer yourself then you can find the motivation to keep going. Here are some things you can do to understand the purpose of your actions:

    – Go back to the day when you first decided to pursue your goal or your dream. (There is always a beginning to a story where something sparked inside our minds and moved our bodies in one direction. Find that place again and let your mind remember that special feeling.)

    – Think about the advantages that your dream promised you. (When you had that crazy idea to become something bigger than you are now you thought about everything that you would have. All of those things felt like promises you were making to yourself to help make you believe that the dream could actually come true. Sure since that point you have been through a lot, but that does not mean that the dream has to end. We all grow up and we tend to see things differently, but sometimes that can be a good thing. It is alright to let life happen when you do not know what to do, but after you let it happen you need to make it work in your favor.)

    – Ask yourself where you want to be in the future and why. (Everything we do now is said to cause what happens to us in the future. Some events happen naturally but we choose how to deal with the situation, and other events occur by our choice. We all want to have a great future where most of our worries are left behind but before we get there we need to make some tough decisions. We have to let go of what is holding us back from making progress and we need to be ready for the next challenges that life is planning to throw at us.)

    Will I ever be able to adapt to change?

    Over time things will get easier and you will understand more about why you do certain things, but as the years go one your routines will change and you need to be ready to adapt. Your life can change at any moment and there is no prediction or preparation that can help you be totally ready for the challenge. The one thing that you can count on is time because with time everything can settle down and you can prepare to put on your best performance. No one and nothing can stop you from accomplishing your goals and achieving your dreams if you are willing to put in the work through every good and bad day. For now enjoy what you have and appreciate what has gotten you this far, and the next time change comes around be ready to overcome the obstacle.

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