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  • College So Far

    Freshman year began with a jolt to my brain,
    I’m sorry, one class is for how long again?
    Campus was like a wonderland to be explored,
    though finding parking was something I abhorred.
    Projects, assignments, exams – all felt like a storm,
    gradually, however, they became my weekly norm.

    Came sophomore year, no more was everything new;
    a bit more confidence, a changed schedule, but the same milieu.
    Decided to declare a major – in Computer Science;
    to be employed, now it is my only reliance.
    Also joined a club as my mind was a bit stressed,
    hoping that it might veer me from a lonely quest.

    Junior year has been the most hectic,
    thoughts of a higher GPA are still electric.
    Sending countless résumés was surely daunting,
    but writing them felt shamelessly vaunting.
    Just one more year, and it will all be finished,
    may lessons that I learned here never to be diminished.

    Senior year is currently in full rush,
    filling my mind with yet another information gush.
    But privileged I feel, receiving knowledge of this amount,
    while keeping relationships that I have built, in account.
    Whitman, Gleeson, Roosevelt, and Hale,
    memories I shall cherish, of Farmingdale.