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  • PVRIS – “All We Know of Heaven, All We Need of Hell” Album Review

    Pvris is an American alternative synth pop band that formed in 2013. They recently released their follow up album to their thrilling debut record White Noise. All We Know of Heaven, All We Need of Hell is powered by the vocal talents of Lynn Gunn. From the softest melodies to her roaring chorus vocals, she delivers a strong performance. The rest of the band features Alex Babinski on guitar and keys, and Brian MacDonald on bass guitar and keys. The two play trippy and energetic instrumentals. When performing live they feature Justin Nace on the drums. Together this trio will pull your attention to their album from start to finish.

               The first two singles released earlier in the year were “Heaven” and “What’s Wrong.” The tracks feature an upbeat mood that kicked off the cycle of this album. They got to promote these songs out on their summer tour supporting the British rock sens

    ation, Muse. A “Third single called “Half” was released in July and came out as an anthemic song to kick off the show with on tour. These songs were received very well as they charted in position 41 on Billboard 200, and placed 4 in Billboard US Top Rock Albums. The overall sound is mostly related to artists such as The Sounds, Ellie Goulding, and No Doubt.

    The rest of the album dropped at the end of August, 2017, and the responses to the songs increased by fans. Songs such as “Nola 1” and “Winter” became fan favorites. A theme of life and love is deeply explored throughout, especially in the piano ballad “Separate.” Lynn expresses her feelings of coping through struggling relationships, and her tough experiences from extensive touring. Her lyrical writing involves a heavy use of metaphor to describe these stories. The instrumentals feature different moods such as slow pop ballads, anthemic rock, and fun pop thrillers. The synth, guitar, and bass effects used by Alex and Brian emphasize an overall dark, and yet bright mood for the songs. The album is a terrific continuation of the sound that they set out with. It doesn’t have as many fast-paced songs as White Noise, which is what the original fans loved when they started exploding. But Pvris has shown that they can evolve overtime, and should proceed to as their career progresses.

    You can check out “What’s Wrong?” by PVRIS here