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  • Fantasy Football Weeks 3 and 4

    Review by Antonio Petito

    Week 3

    What an incredible week three it was from the NFL. There were some spectacular games this week. Not only were the actual games great to watch, but also the fantasy production from certain players was amazing to see. According to DraftKings, the top five performers from week three were Todd Gurley, Stefon Diggs, Tom Brady, Larry Fitzgerald, and Russel Wilson.

    The best performer from week three – Todd Gurley – put on a show on Thursday night, racking up 113 yards rushing, three touchdowns, and also catching the football for five receptions for 36 yards. He earned a total amount of 40.90 fantasy points, making this one of Gurley’s best games of the season.

    Coming in next behind Todd Gurley for the best performer was Stefon Diggs, who put up big numbers with backup quarterback Case Keenum. With the Minnesota Vikings struggling last week with their backup quarterback in the game, not many people believed in them doing much against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Well that was not the case this time around, with Stefon Diggs putting up monster numbers this last week in the NFL. Diggs wrapped up eight receptions for a 173 yards and a pair of touchdowns. This is turning out to be his best game of the season so far. The amount of points it comes out to is 40.30.

    Of course, coming up next for best performer was five-time super bowl winner Tom Brady. Tom Brady had a great game including a game-winning drive that resulted in the New England Patriots beating the Houston Texans 36 to 33. Tom Brady threw for a massive 378 yards and five touchdowns for the game. He continues to be one of the best at his position even at the age of 40 years old. His production resulted in 39.72 points for week three.

    Another future Hall of Famer who had a tremendous game on Monday Night Football was Larry Fitzgerald. The 14-year vet had 13 receptions for 149 yards and a touchdown for the night. This was the first game of the season were Larry Fitzgerald put up reasonable numbers compared to weeks one and two. The total amount of points it comes to is 36.90.

    The last top-five performer of the week is another quarterback — Russell Wilson. The quarterback of the struggling Settle Seahawks had to constantly throw the football all game long. With no run game coming from the Seahawks and a lack of offensive line protection helping Russel Wilson, he was constantly on the move in the pocket. Even though the Seahawks lost the game, Russel Wilson still threw for 373 yards, four touchdowns, and running for 26 yards as well. Hopefully all these players continue their fantastic fantasy production for the rest of the season.

    Week 4

    What an NFL season we are watching so far. There have been many teams who have out performed what many people thought were they were capable of when the season started. There are many surprises this season whether it be the New York Jets, Los Angles Rams, or the New York Giants being 0-4 going into week five. According to the DraftKings, this week’s top five fantasy players are Le’Veon Bell, Todd Gurley, Cam Newton, Deshaun Watson, and Bilal Powell

    The number one player in week four was Le’Veon Bell. For the last couple of years Le’Veon Bell has been one of the best players in fantasy football. Even though this year he started off slower than usual, this was the first week where Le’Veon Bell looked like his former self. Bell rushed the ball 35 times for 144 yards and two touchdowns while adding four catches for 42 yards through the air. The total amount of fantasy points was 37.60

    The second player of week four was, of course, the fantasy football MVP Todd Gurley. Todd Gurley has been a monster all season long. Each week he’s been able to put up over 20 points every game so far. Not only has Todd Gurley been running the ball greatly, he also has been able to put up points catching as well. Gurley rushed for 121 yards with seven catches for 94 yards including a touchdown. The total amount of fantasy points was 37.50

    The third the player of the week was Cam Newton. After coming off of a shoulder surgery this following offseason, Cam Newton has looked awful for the year so far. Well, that all changed when he went off against the struggling defending champions New England Patriots. Cam Newton put up big numbers by throwing for 316 yards for three touchdowns and an interception. He also had 44 rushing yards and a rushing touchdown as well. The total amount of fantasy points was 37.04.

    The next two players coming up were the biggest surprises of the week. The fourth player of the week was Deshaun Watson. The Rookie quarterback for the Houston Texans had an outstanding game against their division rival the Tennessee Titans. Right from the first minute, the Texans were off to a great start, which ended up becoming a blow out by the end of the game. Watson had 283 passing yards including four touchdowns, one interception, and a rushing touchdown to capitalize his fantastic game. His fantasy points outcome was 34.72.

    And finally, the last player of week 4 was Bilal Powell. This was Bilal Powell’s first game as the starting running back for the New York Jets. The reason why Powell was starting was because Matt Forte who usually starts was out because of an injury. This created a great opportunity for Powell to take over as the new running back for the New York Jets. With that all said, Powell ended up running for 163 yards including one rushing and one catching touchdown. His fantasy point outcome was 32.00.