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  • 2023 Senior Expo

    The Memorial Gallery in Hale Hall on campus hosted their annual Senior Project Design Exhibit that was from May 8, 2023 to June 16, 2023.

    The exhibition & expo is planned in coordination with the release of the Senior Project website which is dedicated to the virtual presentation of portfolios and projects developed by graduating students from the Visual Communications, Graphic Design and Interaction Design at Farmingdale State College. – FSC Memorial Gallery Instagram.

    The exhibition feature a series of installations representing each designer’s capstone project concept. Designers like: Alyssa Brites, Jamie Cayaban, Daniel Frohman, Andrew Jashyn, Claudine Jeanty, Deborah Johns, Ariel Lorenzo, Francesca Manzi, Daniel McDonald, Ryan McKenna, Jason Moore, Michael Morra, Daniel Nuccio, Narisse Nurse, Joseph Randazzo, Steven Rodriquez, Tushar Sahdev, Elizabeth Sammartino, Jennifer Seda, Esther Sherry, Carol Sung, and Aasin Thomas were feature at the Spring 2023 Senior Project Design Exhibit. Down below are there projects:



    Yumi Tumi

    Project: Yumi Tumi
    Designer: Narisse Nurse
    Yumi Tumi is a food subscription service tailored to children & monitored by parents to regulate a child’s mealtimes to build a healthy lifestyle.





    Good Harvest

    Project: Good Harvest
    Designer: Francesca Manzi
    Good Harvest delivers your favorite goods from your local vendors at your own convenience.





    Be You 2

    Project: Beyou
    Designer: Claudine Jeanty
    Beyou is a platform to help people who struggle through their career path.






    Project: Brink
    Designer: Steven Rodriguez
    BRINK is a mobile app for creatives to build meaningful connections with graphic designers, screen printers and manufacturers.




    Project: Focus
    Designer: Aasin Thomas
    Focus is an interior design company that transforms dull, outdated classrooms into exciting and inspirational spaces.






    Project: Re-Donate
    Designer: Tushar Sahdev
    Re—Donate is a platform showcasing humanitarian needs around the world, and presenting them in one place for the audience to take action: discover, read, and donate to non-profits.




    Project: Ovrture
    Designer: Ryan McKenna
    Ovrture offers accessible and totally unique live music experiences through virtual reality.





    Project: Digitale
    Designer: Jamie Cayaban
    Digitale is a virtual reality visual novel publisher, made to elevate the story telling experience.



    Project: Eco Chamber
    Designer: Esther Sherry
    Eco Chamber is a Platform for Regenerating Community Gardens.






    Project: Sighting Seeker
    Designer Jason Moore
    Sighting Seeker is a website centered around tracking monsters in our modern world.






    Project: Let’s Eat
    Designer: Carol Sung
    Let’s Eat, a connected mobile round table display that brings visitors to NYC’s Chinatown restaurant community by providing authentic culinary experiences that showcase commonalities amongst diverse cultures unlike Yelp, Google Maps, and TripAdvisor.


    Project: Norish
    Designer: Daniel Frohman
    Nourish is an app dedicated to helping users discover safe and healthy meals.







    Project: Medi-Link
    Designer: Michael Morra
    Medi-Link, a multi-platform application
    for nurses to effectively use the Pyxis or Omnicell for functions anywhere in the hospital.


    Project: Hoopper
    Designer: Daniel McDonald
    Hooper is a smart basketball and social media app that tracks real-time statistics from pickup games.






    Project: Codex: Tales of the Lost Arcana
    Designer: Alyssa Brites
    CODEX is an interactive AI storyteller that encourages playing tabletop roleplay games in game shop settings.




    Project: Inspiral
    Designer: Elizathbeth Sammartino
    Inspiral is a board game that teaches about the design process and allows players to design their own work and vote to see who’s best.




    Project: B-Dig-Gami
    Designer: Deborah Johns
    B-Digi-Gami brings to light the struggle of artists transitioning to digital art from traditional.





    Project: What About Meow
    Designer: Jennifer Seda
    What About Meow is a graphic novel with the focus of discussing the coping process that comes with grief and loss.




    Project: Safe 4 Kids
    Designer: Andrew Jashyn
    Safe 4 Kids is a company that makes board games for kids to teach them about safety.





    May 09, 2023 00235Project: Quantum Con
    Designer: Joseph Randazzo
    Quantum Con is a fandom convention at Roosevelt Field Mall.





    Project: Spark
    Designer: Ariel Lorenzo
    Spark, an app that allows young adults & hobbyists to learn & better their skills into a possible full time job. Spark also allows a community to form, grow & learn from one another for easy access to solutions that can’t be done alone.


    Project: Frames
    Designer: Daniel Nuccio
    Frames are AR glasses to be used by gamers playing fighting games to overlay frame date, hitboxes, etc. in training to improve at fighting games.






    More Photos from 2023 Senior Expo 
    The photos were taken by our photographer CJ Ehrlich
    If you need to get in touch with him please email us!



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